21 August 2012

A Week with Grams

Quinn and I drove to Maryland to spend a week with Grams before the new school year starts.  He's always excited to see his Grams.  After a quick hug, it's a hunt for all his favorite toys.  These cardboard blocks have been around probably since Alex? and Quinn loves building and knocking down.  Here he is going for the domino effect. 

We can't go to Maryland during the summer without going to mom's BFF Sandy's house for a swim in the pool and a crab feast.  As we were getting the crabs, Quinn said he doesn't like sea food.  He only likes above-the-sea food.   And crabs are animals and we're nice to animals.  No crabs for Quinn, our good little veggie boy.

Quinn was very excited to see his cousin Alex who entertained him while the ladies chowed down on crabs.   It's a tough life for a four year old!

We also took in the Montgomery County 4H fair.  It was a fun day full of jugglers, rides, animals, games, and junk food.

Before we went home, I wanted to get a picture of Quinn and his grams.  We started with 2 thumbs up.

But it quickly deteriorated.

And a perfect end to our week.

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