01 August 2012

Our Summer

I know I haven't blogged in quite some time.  Last week I took the week off from taking pictures and just decided to skip a week in my Project Life book.  Quinn and I were just having too much fun doing our summer stuff.  You know, like making Mickey Mouse pancakes for lunch and hanging out in our pajamas all day.  I feel no shame in saying this picture was taken at 1 pm.  This day he changed out of those pj's in to a fresh pair before bed.  I do have some standards!

Also this summer Marleny has been bringing her nephew Anthony with her when she watches Quinn.  The two boy have so much fun together.  Yesterday when Anthony arrived he came running up the stairs looking for Quinn.  Q ran to give him a hug and said "Hi Anthony!  I missed my brother so much!".

But at the end of the day, Quinn is ready for some quiet time by himself.  He will keep saying "adios, adios, time to go home".   Although Anthony's english is pretty good, Marly says that Quinn speaks quite a bit of spanish with her.  

Otherwise, Don and I having some late nights doing alot of this.


We are really enjoying the olympics and staying up late to catch everything.  Yawn!!!

Happy Summer!

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