12 August 2012

The Return of the McGee's

A week ago Friday Stacey and I had a phone conversation after not having spoken to each other in a while. A couple of minutes after we hung up, Stacey texted me that Sullivan was pushing for a last minute trip to NJ before school starts.  Our schedule was free, so please come!!!   They arrived on Wednesday.

In preparation, Quinn and I baked some cookies.  Quinn always asks for the beater so that he can "lick it like a popsicle".

After a pre-dinner trip to the pool, Sullivan and Quinn settled in to the couch and did what they do best.

On Thursday we went to Hoboken for a picnic lunch and a walk around town.  It was h-o-t!

Sullivan's dad is very protective of his little girl.  He doesn't like her to be in situations where she may get hurt.  So Stacey and Sullivan thought it would be funny to send him pictures of Sullivan in precarious situations.  Uh oh, Sullivan is about to fall in to the Hudson River.  

Dueling iphones.

Friday was a rainy day so we spent our day at the Liberty Science Center.  From the moment we walked in the door, Quinn wanted to go to the room with all the balls.   There is a play/science area for kids under the age of 5 and Quinn loves that room.    It actually worked out well because it gave the gals time to experience the museum at their own pace.

A little bit of fun with my fish-eye lens.  This snake seemed very intrigued by my phone.

I had one of those 'the things that kids will say' moment when Quinn and I took a potty break at the museum.  We were both in a handicapped stall and the bathroom was pretty small and pretty crowded.  Quinn started interrogating me....Mama, what happened to your penis? Did someone cut off your penis?  Where is your penis? Can I look?   Girls don't have penises?  I received some knowing smiles from the other moms in the bathroom that listened in on our conversation.

As you can tell, most of my images lately have been crappy iphone photos.  I just haven't been moved to pick up my dslr lately.  But I did capture this glowing image one night during their visit.

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