03 August 2012

This Week

Quinn's class from this past year gets together for some fun once a week.  We meet on different days and at different places.  Not everyone attends but it's great to stay in touch with his classmates.  This week we met at a bouncy house on Wednesday.

Thursday is our regular gymnastics day.  The twins little sister also does gymnastics with their nanny while the boys are doing their thing.

Our little monkey can now get all the way across the monkey bars!

After gymnastics and lunch, Quinn and I went to the Westfield library to hang out for a while.  Can you imagine that Quinn is reading a book with the kids computers right there?  Well, he went back and forth between the books and the computer.  He's not crazy about having to return the book about monster trucks.  

Thursday pm self portrait.  

On Friday we met Danielle and Kaiden for lunch in downtown Westfield.  Q really loves K-K and was holding his hand so he wouldn't run away.  Kaiden's older brother Lucas was in camp so it was a peaceful meal :)  Kaiden gets alot of Quinn's hand-me-downs and it's fun to see him wearing Quinn's old clothes.  

Our afternoon was topped off with "The Works" ice cream from The Chocolate Box.

Blogging now and off to swim lessons in a little bit.  It's been a great week!!

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