01 September 2012

Ahoy Matey!

On Thursday Quinn embarked on a pirate adventure with friends Lucas and Kaiden.  The first step was to get a pirate tattoo which matched the pirate dog on his hat.    Then pirate Grubby made sure everyone was strong enough and loud enough to be a pirate.  Step three, learn pirate talk.  Aye-aye matey!!

All the mateys boarded the Sea Gypsy II and were off on their pirate adventure.   Grubby led the festivities while Captain Smee drove the boat.  The day was full of sillyness and booger jokes.  But the favorite part of the day was finding Pirate Pete floating at sea and shooting him with their water cannons.  

I think I have the cutest matey of all!!!

The last task of the day was finding the "X" floating at sea which marked treasure!! (And yes, it was literally an X floating at sea.)  They heaved and hoisted it up.  There were 4 locks on the treasure chest and Quinn had been given a key earlier.  Once he opened up a lock he took the lock back to the captain.  You can see that the captain is where the adults sit, also known as the No Fun Zone.   (There was a large group of campers/counselors on the trip and were all wearing blue shirts.)

After opening the treasure chest every matey got a bag full of treasures.  Once we got back on dry land, Quinn pulled out his treasures for inspection.

This day earned Two Hooks Up!!

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