08 September 2012

Orientation Day

Quinn starts school on Monday.  I'm excited for him but not ready to see the end to our lazy mornings and fun summer days.  He will be going M-W-F from 9 am - 3 pm.  His first full days at school.  Orientation was on Friday but we started off our day playing with some friends from last year.   These are the two girls that he has been with the last two years at Sundance.  One will be on a different schedule at Sundance and the other going to pre-k at her public school.  We will miss seeing them and their moms.  

I can't tell you how much silliness and giggling was going on in this picture.  So much fun!!  (And sorry for all the crappy iphone images.)

Then it was off for a new pair of sneakers, some lunch, and Sundance.   I've been talking up his new teacher all summer so he was very excited to meet Ms. Kate and show her his new shoes.    His schedule is a little different every day with lots of time for indoor/outdoor play.  He also gets and hour for lunch and rest every day.  This year he will be learning language arts, math, science, art, computers (ha!), cooking, music, stage, and spanish.  Ms. Kate has warned us that the kids will become very independent this year so be prepared.

His class consists of all returning Sundance students -- there are 5 kids from his class last year and one from his class the year before (the little blondie on Q's left).  He also has another set of twins in his class this year (the two behind Q in the bright red and blue shirt).  And that's Mr. Daniel in the back that does all the sport stuff with the kids.

Quinn was excited to be back at school and see alot of familiar faces.  We'll see how that goes Monday morning!

I somehow lost the Sundance magnet off my car which really bothered Quinn so Don gave me his magnet.  On the way back to the car, Quinn asked if we could get one for Don.  Always thinking of his dad.

Here's goes another year!

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