05 September 2012

This and That

I'm challenging myself to use just one camera lens this week.  Fortunately this lens shoots both portrait style and macro.  I am struggling with the macro aspect but am giving it my best try.  I bought a bouquet of lilies to practice with but was pretty disappointed.  I feel the need to be more macro.  Here are my least hated shots (aka flower porn).

After a long train hiatus, Quinn has jumped back on the train and constantly wants to play Thomas or Chuggington.   We got him 2 new trains for his Chuggington set and we was very excited.   Hello Frostini!

How is it that kids can sit like this for hours?

You might recognize the painting in Quinn's playroom as one of our babyshower gifts.  It's full of fun little subtle images (life is a bowl of cherries, don't cry over spilled milk, a democratic donkey, etc).  Our dear young friend who painted this was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.   She is about to enter the "shit storm" (as she lovingly calls it) and our thoughts are constantly with her as she starts her battle to kick some cancer ass.

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