by Amy, October 26, 2012
Since starting school this year, Quinn's brain seems to constantly be on overdrive mode.  A typical conversation in the car with him goes like this:  What's 2 + 1?  What's 10 + 10?  How do you spell pig?  What does that sign say?  Is orange, orange, orange, orange a pattern?  etc, etc.  It's great to see him so engaged and enthusiastic about learning.  Yesterday he suggested playing a pattern game.  He would draw a pattern and I would repeat it and visa versa. 

On the last line he created the pattern 4-4-2 and then I might have made a little mistake with repeating it.  Of course he noticed it right away and colored in one of my blue circles at the top for getting it wrong.   At the beginning of the school year he really didn't like to write but he's gaining so much confidence and having fun with it now!
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