We Return!

by Amy, November 13, 2012
We are almost back to our pre-Sandy status.  Yesterday we could have kissed the Verizon repair man who showed up a day early to fix our FIOS.  If you know us, it's been a tough go for us without phones, tv, or internet service in our home for two weeks.

But what better way to return to the blog with a whole lot of Quinn!!

Yep, that's a whole lot of Quinn!  On Monday he had his first day of school in two weeks.  He was excited to be back and I literally hugged his teacher.   The school was buzzing with happy parents.  It was a bank holiday for Don so we did drop off and pick up together.   We also got a disc with his school picture.  This year we had to order his pictures before they were taken which doesn't seem right at all.  So I just went for the disc and thought I would share some of the creative backgrounds that are offered.   And then just The Boy.

I'll be back here again soon!
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