30 January 2013

Dead End

As we were turning on to our street on the way home from school today Quinn said "Amy, what does 'dead end' mean?".   I don't think he had time to sound them out so I guess these are just more words he knows.  The list is growing.  

Then we followed it up with some good guys/bad guys play.  Quinn LOVES the bad guy!

Snack Time

On Tuesday we made a return trip to Insectropolis (aka the Bug Museum) with Lucas and Kaiden.  The boys were all a little crazy and not in the mood to linger in the museum.  So we took advantage of the 55 degree day and let them run wild in the grassy area around the museum.  Then it was Snack Time!

This picture pretty accurately captures the mood of the day!

27 January 2013

Sleepy Quinn

25 January 2013

Learning to Read

I have noticed that Quinn has started to recognize many words.  When we are in the car he often points out words.

He is getting pretty good at sounding out 3 letter words and also has a handful of site words that he knows.  Almost every day he will surprise me by reading a word.  

Last night I made a list of words to see which ones he could read or sound out.  You can see he's starting to get it.

Then he asked me to make another list of words for him.  He's very happy to do 'school' type stuff as long as you're doing it with him.    And he loves the checks and x's.  Alot of these 3 letter words he was able to sound out with a little bit of help.

23 January 2013

Let's Cuddle

Quinn's favorite new words:  Let's Cuddle.  In order to qualify as a cuddle, my arm needs to be around him.  Just being smooshed together doesn't count.  We can even cuddle at the kitchen counter.

22 January 2013

I Pledge

Don had to travel this past weekend and arrived home before Quinn got home from school Monday.  Do you know what you get after Don's been away awhile and Quinn just gets home from school.  Lots and lots of Don/Quinn time (btw, he's no longer Papa but is now Don).   

Don and Quinn got on the school bus and then Quinn ran him through his full school day.  Here they are saying the pledge.  Next up, playground.  

We are happy to have our Don home before he heads out again tomorrow.  

15 January 2013

What Would You Do?

If you saw your child was about to fall out of bed?  Run for the camera, of course!

14 January 2013

Down Time

It was a warm day in NJ today so I suggested Quinn and I stop by the playground after school.  But he was ready to get home.  And have some down time....

And other one I kinda like better...

11 January 2013

Quinn on Thursday

He really wound up and took a big swing at me!  

The scariest look he could muster.

A quiet moment.

Sometimes I can't believe the detail the camera/lens can capture.  Here's a close-up of his glossy eyelashes from the photo above.  

A shadow of Quinn sitting at the kitchen table working on his schoolwork.  

06 January 2013

He's Got the Fever

Have you ever heard that when kids have a fever it pushes them through a developmental spurt and they come out the other side with new skills and maturity?  We had seen signs of this before with Quinn but it's been quite some time since he had a fever.  

This past week Quinn had a fever on a number of days.  Now he's like a butterfly who has come out of his cocoon.   We thought he was a chatterbox before.  But now?  Wow!

Friday morning at breakfast Quinn got up and asked me how to spell "the".  I told him how to spell it  not thinking much of it because he is always asking me "Amy, how do you spell xyz?".  But I turned around and saw this on the chalkboard.

He wrote out a full sentence by  himself. Amy is on the cat.  This is similar to a sentence he learned at school but I'm still impressed.   He later changed Amy to Don.  And then to Amy and Don.

Our little butterfly is spreading his wings and soaring!

05 January 2013

Out of the House!

I think we are all on the road to recovery and feeling better.  Don continued to work from home all week to spare his co-workers from his persistent cough.  But he got in a couple of full work days working from home.

Quinn and I finally ventured out on Friday for some fresh air and a change of scenery.  At lunch time Quinn was asking about his 'kids lunch choices'.  I mentioned a 'salad sandwich' from Subway and he jumped at it!  So off we went.  We started at Subway, went around the corner to our local toy store to check out all the things we weren't going to buy, then on to Starbucks for a treat and coffee, and then off to the library.    It was great to get out!

04 January 2013

Our New Year

Our New year has started off with quite a cough!   Don, Quinn, and I returned home from Chicago with quite a coughing virus that has really hit the east coast.   Since returning home we have spent most of our time in our pajamas on the couch.  Mom and Pam came up for a few days so that got to enjoy a couple of days on the couch with us.  It was great to have them up and spend a couple of days!  I think we are all on the road to recovery and looking forward to a fresh start next week!

01 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our home to yours!

(Thanks for following my December Daily.  This year I have decided to stop at Day 26.  I am d.o.n.e.)

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