28 February 2013

One Last Day

Quinn has claimed that Trunk Bay is the most beautiful beach and asks to go there every day. Of course we had to oblige on our last day.

We got an early start to secure a parking spot and the beach was empty and peaceful.

Shortly thereafter the cruise people started to arrive in large waves. But it's hard to complain when you're sitting on TB.

We go home tomorrow. Sad to leave STJ but happy to be in our home with our own pillows.

All these pictures have been from my iPhone. Look forward to lots more pictures :)

24 February 2013

8 Tuff Miles

If you know Don once he sets a goal he is bound to achieve it. When we booked our trip to STJ in November he registered for the 8 Tuff Mile race.

8 Tuff Miles isn't just 8 miles. It's 8+ miles up and over the rock that is STJ. Almost 1000 ft of elevation from sea level to sea level, Cruz Bay to Coral Bay.

We drove the course and worked out our plan for race day. A 6:30 am start from our villa after a good carb load. Race time was 7:15 am and looking strong!

Almost 1,500 people registered for the race with many local island runners and runners from all over the world. Runners and walkers are all encouraged to participate.

There is only one road that connects the start and finish and it is closed for several hours during the race so Q and I hightailed it to the finish line. Although I had to stop and get a pic of a deserted Trunk Bay at 7am. Bliss.

Don estimated his finish at 1:45 minutes, give or take 20 minutes, so I stayed on alert. I was very excited to see him running towards the finish line on the earlier side of his goal time.

(See those mountains in the background? Yep, he ran up and over them.)

And the bottle opener finishing medal is classic island style.

And the official time 1:23:56. He finished in 308th place. 34th place for his age category and a 10:01 pace mile.

We waited for the road to open and then it was time for hydration and down time at the villa.

We joined in the after party later in the afternoon. Don's wearing his yellow finishers jersey.

Another great STJ day to remember and another goal accomplished.

21 February 2013

Toes in the Sand

The three of us agree that this is our favorite restaurant ever. Beach Bar. A table in the sand while Quinn climbs a tree and enjoys a rope swing. Everything tastes better when your toes are in the sand.

20 February 2013


Today I woke up to the sound of pouring rain but when I opened my eyes the sun was peaking through the curtain.

Today I dislocated my toe on the couch leg. How do I know it was dislocated? It was pointing out at a 90 degree angle and it popped when I put it back in place. Ouch!!

Today we had a babysitter so Don and I could go on a snorkeling adventure on the east end of the island. Quinn was so excited that Crystal was coming that we had to set the timer on the microwave for her arrival.

Today a big iguana paid us a visit.

Today we had dinner at the house and took in the sunset.

Tonight we had an evening swim.

Today was another great day in paradise.

18 February 2013

He Snorkels!

Don and I love to snorkel and now so does Quinn! On Sunday we went to Trunk Bay for his initiation and I think he was more thrilled by the underwater signs than be the actual underwater sea creatures. We spent about 10 minutes snorkeling before he was ready to head to shore.

Today we went to our favorite beach, Maho Bay. It never disappoints.

Quinn can play Angry Birds just about anywhere :)

Then it was off for a snorkel. Maho is known for lots of turtles and rays so we headed out to the grassy area and spotted a turtle right away. Quinn gave the turtle a big wave and then wanted to go back to shore. Once at shore, he floated and snorkeled up and down the beach for probably an hour. He was having so much fun.

We are looking forward to lots more snorkeling over the next two weeks!

16 February 2013

Happy Sunset!

We are On Island

Door to door 9 hours we arrived at our STJ home for the next 2 weeks.

We were up at 5 am and Quinn crashed in the taxi on the way from the STT airport to the ferry.

On the very full ferry arriving STJ.

And in the pool.

Now some downtime before dinner at the villa and an early to bed night.

14 February 2013

Our Funny Valentine

Quinn's class had a Valentine's Party at school on Wednesday.  Each child was asked to write out a Valentine's card for all their Sun Room friends.  Quinn is really in to Star Wars these days and Yoda is his favorite character (because he's the master jedi) so I found a very cute Yoda Valentine's card.

I had planned to have Quinn write out a couple of cards at a time but he just sat down and banged them all out in about 20 minutes.   I think this is because his pencil grip is much stronger and his fine motor skills have really improved.  I made a list of all the kids and Quinn independently wrote out all the cards.

On Wednesday he came home with a Valentine's bag full of fun and unique cards from all his friends.  And no candy!!!

13 February 2013

Bedtime Silliness

Quinn's bedtime routine goes like this:

1.  Race up the stairs
2.  Hide in his room
3.  Underwear on the head
4.  Brush teeth
5.  Hide under covers or bed
6.  Read book, cuddle, lights out

12 February 2013

This Big Guy

On Monday I had a Parent/Teacher Conference at Sundance with Quinn's teachers.  His "anchor teacher" Ms. Kate stays with the class throughout the day as the kids go to different classrooms.  His other core teachers are Ms. Denise for Language Arts and Ms. Liz for Math (aka Wizard Room).  

The three of them had so many positive things to say about Quinn.  Kind, enthusiastic, helpful, happy, etc, etc.  They absolutely love him!  And who wouldn't?  And he is doing so well and has made big improvements in all his classes.   They consider him ready for Sundance Kindergarden (where he will go next year).

He has also become much more social and usually pals up with his little buddies Aidan and Micah (you might remember that the three of them were mice in the last Sundance production).  

Don and I know that we chose the right school for Quinn and it's wonderful to see him flourishing.

11 February 2013

Oh Snowy Day!

On Friday night we had our first real snow in a couple of years.  We ended up getting about 8 inches.

One good thing we can say about NJ is that they take care of business when it comes to snowy roads.   Our road was plowed clean before we woke up Saturday morning and everyone was business as usual on Saturday.

On Saturday night we were scheduled to have a surprise birthday party at our house for my friend Danielle so we wanted to make sure our driveway and front walk were shoveled clean.  Turns out Danielle got hit with a virus on Saturday so we had to cancel.

Don took care of the driveway and Quinn and I shoveled the front walk and stairs.   I think Quinn's snow pants are from 2 years ago and are a size 4T...can you tell?

Don and Quinn went out again Sunday to build a snowman but the snow just wasn't sticking together.  So they had some fun and built a tunnel instead.

09 February 2013

Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars

I know I haven't posted in a while.  Sometimes those little things get in the way.  Like the stomach virus that ran through our house and hit each of us on a different day.   Quinn on Friday, Amy on Monday, and Don on Tuesday.  For Don and I it was more of a sleeping virus.  I think we may have slept 20 hours out of 24 and still felt exhausted.

It's been quite a sick January and February in our house.  I think we may need some sun and rum!

Quinn is really in to Star Wars these days.  We got him a Star Wars Character Encyclopedia for Christmas and that is his favorite bed time reading.  Lately he's been bugging us for LEGO Jabba's  Palace.  Really?

We waited until he brought it up again and again.  So many times he asks for something, plays with it for 5 minutes, and doesn't pick it up again.  We were finally convinced.

We all agreed that Quinn would fill a Rubbermaid bin with toys to donate in return for Jabba's Palace.

I ordered the set from Amazon and it was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday.  Quinn must have checked the door every ten minutes on Tuesday until it arrived.

Oh Happy Boy!

Did you notice that it's for ages 9 - 14 and has 717 pieces?  8 separate bags of little Lego pieces!  We got right to work.  I helped guide Quinn through each step but he's a pretty good Lego putter-togetherer.    We did a couple of bags at a time and took frequent breaks.  Then Quinn would ask if we could work on the next bag.  We finished up after dinner.  

I have to admit it is pretty cool.  Lots of moving parts and pieces.  Even a Han Solo trapped in carbonite.  

Quinn has a great imagination and likes to play with the characters.  But it's "just pretend" he says.  

We've decided it's probably time to watch the first movie.  Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars!!

02 February 2013


Every week at Sundance, the Sun Room works on a new letter of the week and a new word of the week.   It's fun to hear Quinn use the words in his every day talk.  He might say "I'm famished!".   Or "That's ludicrous!".    I was especially tickled when we were on our way home from school one day and Don was doing some travel for work.  Quinn said "We're going on a jaunt and Don's going on a journey".

01 February 2013

12 Hour Regression

Remember when every one of you thought that Quinn was a mama's boy and that he would never leave my side?  Well now he's a Don's boy.   The other night when I was putting him to bed for the second night in a row, he said "awe!  you've had two turns.  i want don to put me to bed".  In the evenings Quinn does not leave Don's side.

But today he is back to being a Amy's boy.  At 4 am I heard some not so nice noises on the baby monitor and went to check on him only to find his bed covered in vomit :(

And unfortunately that is how our day has gone.  We tried some ginger ale and toast w/honey this morning but it didn't stay down too long.   Look at that poor little face.

We have spent most of the day cuddled on the couch but it's been a rough day for him.  I hope a nap does him good and he's feeling better.

And I hope that all my hand washing will pay off for me.