Boys Will Have Fun

by Amy, March 21, 2013
When Quinn wakes up in the morning his first question is usually "Is Don home?".  Then he says "I wish it was the weekend so Don was home".  Me too buddy, me too.  

These guys just have so much fun together.

Most nights before dinner they pump iron.  They love to see who can do the most reps.

And Quinn introduced Don to the game Plants vs. Zombies on the ipad.  I know, it sounds like a great game for a 5 year old kid.  But, it actually requires quite a bit of strategy and planning.  And Quinn is very clear on what is real and what is pretend.

They came up with a new way to play Plants vs. Zombies with Legos.  This game is played most nights after dinner.

I love my wacky and funny guys!

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