30 April 2013

Catching Up

Here's what happened last week at The White House...

I remembered the right day for Rock Around the Clock.  Quinn was such a good greaser dude that he will be playing the part of Elvis in his classes upcoming performance :)

An afternoon at the park.

Being bossed around by a little girl.

Working on a self portrait.

A typical Saturday morning scene.

Out geocaching and bike riding.  The cache said it was in an original bison tube.  I would say that's pretty original.  We are quickly approaching 100 caches found.

And ending our week with a pirate birthday party for the twins.

25 April 2013

First Karate Lesson

Quinn had his first private karate lesson today and he loved it.  This martial arts studio was recommended by a friend and I love that they do 3-4 private lessons to get the kids up to speed before they start them in the class.   His instructor, Master Del, is just the right combination of firm and fun.   

After watching the first lesson I know this is absolutely the right thing for Quinn right now.  He will build strength, balance, focus, and confidence.  And also learn a little korean too!

Practicing stance and punches.  My karate knowledge is zero so bear with me.  

The roundhouse kick.  

Working on how to move forward while carrying a weighted ball.   Also remembering which left foot to put forward.

Preventing attacks from above.

Practicing squats...

...to avoid side attacks.

23 April 2013

Karate Cuteness

And so it begins.   Quinn will start karate lessons on Thursday and he's pretty excited.

21 April 2013

Bike & Lunch

Another great day for a bike ride.  We discovered a new park and just loved it!  It was just so peaceful and beautiful and not too far from home.

Earth Day Geocaching

Celebrating Earth Day

20 April 2013

Images from the Week

When I'm taking a class I don't go anywhere without my camera.  Here are some images from our week.

Monday:  macro, abstract, still life


Quinn's class is finishing up a segment on insects.  One of their projects was to make an insect out of modeling clay.  I guess Quinn was the class inspector because he made sure Edvin knew that he shouldn't put 6 legs on each side but 3 on each side.  The class also worked on insect artwork to auction at the school gala and his art teacher Ms. Liz said that Quinn insisted on putting 8 eyes on the spider.  Our little entomologist :)


Quinn had his drop-off play date today and he was very happy about it.  Aidan's mom told me that Aidan couldn't get to sleep the night before because he was so excited.

I was working on a self portrait with my mom's old Ricoh camera but it was an epic fail.  But Q was very interested in this weird thing.  Can you see his face in the viewfinder in the first image below?

Friday:  landscapes, still life, digging dirt

18 April 2013

Stuff from this Week

We have a birdie that likes to hang out in our front yard.  Quinn and I always look for him when we go outside and we frequently see him in the afternoon when we get home from school.  I think he needs a name.

Speaking of birdies, the other day I thought a bird was trapped in our chimney.   I opened the flue and it was clear.  Turns out that we have a woodpecker that likes to sit on the chimney cap and peck away.  We may need to contact Pierce White because I hear he has some expertise in discouraging this kind of woodpecker activity.  

We had our first drop off playdate at our house on Tuesday.  Danielle had an appointment with her youngest so she dropped Lucas off at our house. Quinn waited at the front door for his bff.

The two of them play great together and it was a fun time.  We met up with Danielle & Kaiden at the playground later.

Another friend joined us with this little cutie pie.

On Wednesday we met up with some friends from Quinn's class last year.  It was a warm beautiful day and we didn't leave the playground until almost 6 pm because the kids were having so much fun.  Quinn has become such a good swinger!  He needs a little push to start but then he keeps himself going!

Today Quinn has his first drop off playdate where I drop him off at a friend's house.  He has been counting down the day.  

17 April 2013

Bad Mama

I thought it was Rock Around the Clock Day at school today...

...but it wasn't :)  Next Wednesday he will look like this again...

15 April 2013

Our Week

I have just started another ClickinMoms class so my images this past week may seem a little unusual to you.

This picture was taken from the master bedroom window on a rainy night.  

They say shoot what you love and I love ramen noodles!

Pajama day at Sundance.

You may have seen this on Facebook.  Quinn outgrew his bike so he got a new bike on Saturday and now he can really zoom!  

On Sunday we had planned to go to Sandy Hook park which is the most northern beach in NJ however it was still closed due to Hurricane Sandy.  As we drove south along the coast it was pretty sad to see the devastation.  Houses in piles of wood or still boarded up.  We ended up in Long Branch and as you can see the railing along the boardwalk was washed away and this temporary railing has been installed.

Long Branch appears to have recovered nicely and was buzzing with activity on this sunny day.