30 May 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Day Weekend.

Quinn is really in to dinosaurs these days and reads his dino book most nights before bed so we decided to go back to the Field Station in Secaucus for a day of dinos.   We deliberately took more time to see more exhibits, shows, and a movie.

The dino museum backs up to a park that has a handful of geocaches.  We collected about 5 caches on Saturday with a couple of our most difficult finds.  Let's just say Don had quite a bit of a physical workout.   In the picture of Don, you can't really see how high up he is on that ledge.  A long way down.

We were pretty close to breaking 100 geocache finds and thought we could do it on Monday.  I had read about Duke Farms which is an eco friendly farm that is run by the Doris Duke foundation.  There are lots of bike trails and they even have a geocaching trail with 11+ caches.  We found a handful of caches and Quinn rode his bike.  We got to 97 caches before Quinn got tired and we got hungry.   But a lovely day and a place I can see us returning to many times over the summer.

Some Favorites

Some miscellaneous images from this month that I love but never posted here.


My little cutie got his summer hair cut.

28 May 2013

Inspired Art

It is so much fun learning through Quinn.  He's in preschool and Don and I are learning all sort of things.  Did you know that zephyr means "a gentle breeze"?  We knew the word but didn't know the definition.  We know now.

We also learned about an interesting artist, Brooklyn born James Rizzi.  In last weeks art class Quinn's teacher talked about Rizzi and his work.  After the discussion the kids created their own anthropomorphic building inspired by Rizzi.

This is what Quinn brought home and he said it's a building with a face.  It didn't make much sense until I read this weeks class newsletter and googled James Rizzi.  Never too old to learn.

(I love that Q used a different color for each letter of his name.)

And some of James Rizzi's work.

24 May 2013

Cicada Mission

23 May 2013


We feel pretty fortunate to have had both Mae and Grams visit us in May.  Quinn loves being with his grandmothers and we kinda love free babysitting ;)

I convinced these two camera shy people to let me get some pictures of them together.

Mr. Potato Head

Quinn is in the Sun Room at Sundance this year and one of the most special events in the Sun Room is the Potato Parade.  Let me back up a little.  

Quinn's reading teacher created a story about Mr. Potato Head.  Each year the story is a little different and this year Mr. Potato Head travelled across America for a family reunion in Burlap, Idaho.   The kids learn about America with some of their favorite characters from Disney, Thomas, etc.  They started reading the story in March.  

Jump to May and the Potato Parade.  Each child makes their own potato creation based on the story and shows it to the class in the Potato Parade.  Quinn decided to do Harold the Helicopter (from Thomas the Train) and in the story Harold flys over Mt. Rushmore on the way to Idaho.  

It was a family effort with Quinn doing lots of the work.  

It was Quinn's idea to add a Mr. Potato Head to Mt. Rushmore.  He even painted his nose orange.   Quinn said the kids in class thought it was "hilarious!".

And the finished Harold.  I loved that the only thing we had to buy was the potato itself.  Everything else was repurposed, painted, etc.

We thought it turned out pretty great.  Perfectly imperfect.  

It was fun to see everyone's take on the potato, from pretty simple to professional looking creations.

And here's Quinn's class picture :)  The blue group.

(Did you spot Quinn in the upper left?)

22 May 2013

All Boy

Our little guy is all boy.  And a couple of his favorite things are bugs and dirt.

There was a surprise in his cubby at school today.  A bug house for Quinn to catch 2 cicadas to take to school for science class on Friday.   Ms. Kate said who else would we pick to bring in bugs :)

And if you missed it on Facebook, we found our first of many cicadas in our backyard yesterday.  They are just starting their 17 year invasion.

On the way home from school today we stopped at a playground where Quinn made friends with an older boy who introduced him to this dirt pile.

As he was up on the pile when a little girl went by with her mom and said "why is that boy on the pile of dirt?".   Is there anywhere else he would rather be?  I practically had to drag him out of there.

15 May 2013


Do you ever wonder what Quinn is working on in preschool these days?  Measuring, fractions, and keeping the earth clean to count a few.

13 May 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day got off to a rocky start.  Quinn was in our bed and woke me up pretty early crying "I didn't get a chance to answer the door".  I shushed him back to sleep and got out of bed.

A short time later I heard the gate at the top of the stairs opening and crying.  He was still upset that he didn't have a chance to answer the door...in his dream.  This continued for quite some time until Don was able to get him out of this funk.  

I had heard about Bushkill Falls from a friend and when I looked it up online it said "The Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania".    What the heck, off we went.  It was about an 80 mile drive and is located in the Delaware Water Gap.

It wasn't quite what we expected as it was pretty crowded and had a touristy feeling to it but it was a new adventure on a beautiful day.

There were walkways all around the falls so you could get a really close look.  And lots of bridges that crossed over the falls.  It has rained quite a bit in the last week so the falls did not disappoint.

And this one would jump on a log or rock and say "take my picture!".  He has perfected the cheesy smile.

Finishing up this beautiful day with some ice cream.

And yes, I was one happy mama on Mother's Day!

11 May 2013

Our Week in Photos

I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I'm finishing up a class so some different style images.  

08 May 2013

Elvis is in the House

Tuesday night was the Spring Performance for Quinn's class and the theme was the Rockin' 50's.  We were very excited for this show because we knew that Quinn was going to play the part of Elvis.  And it didn't disappoint.

Three classes participated in the performance and they always start and end with a joint performance.  Quinn's class is in white t-shirts in the back row.

All the kids had a one liner and Quinn's was "I was born to hand jive baby".  It's ironic that I'm sure I've heard that exact line from Don previously :)

And the video.

And then came the hoopers.  Quinn and his little buddy Aidan.

And the video.

And then the moment we were waiting for.

He was really swinging his hips!

And the must see video.

And Elvis closes the show

Ms. Kate has a soft spot for our little Elvis which you can clearly see.  She was so happy and proud of him.

We were so happy and proud for him too.  We love you Elvis.