26 July 2013

Little Swimmer

Look at our big guy dive in to the pool and swim to the other side.    At the end I thought I was being attacked by aliens but it was just a branch.

Best Day Ever

Last Saturday was a rainy day and we had to be out of the house all day.  So, we kidnapped Lucas and started at a kids play area called KidzVillage, then on to the movie Turbo, dinner, and ice cream.  

Both boys claimed it was The Best Day Ever!

BFF's at the Beach Club

We spent another wonderful afternoon at the beach club in Sea Bright with Danielle and family.  It was a very, very hot day so we waited until a little later in the afternoon to get started.  This is the temp around 3 pm.

Sea Bright was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy and the cabana that Danielle's family rents was demolished and had to be rebuilt.  They had it ready by Memorial Day!  A view off their deck over the beach cabanas and to the beach.

There are a handful of swimming pools at the club and one of them was completely full of sand!


Danielle and I kind of stumbled in to our friendship.  We had known each other for several years before we started getting together about once a week.  As Quinn and Lucas began to develop a positive and respectful friendship, Danielle and I began forging a very close friendship.   BFF's!

(my little camera man took this picture for us :)

15 July 2013


If you haven't heard, we are moving back to Southern California and we are very excited.  We will be moving back to the same area where we lived when Quinn was born so we are familiar with the area.  However it's very different this time moving there with a 5 year old.  And our main concern is making the transition as smooth as possible for Quinn.

Don's first day on the new job is August 26 so we will be out there before the new school year begins.  We will fly out there the week of July 29 to look at neighborhoods, houses, schools, etc.  Our house in NJ will go on the market this Thursday.  There's nothing worse than having the house ready to show at all times, especially with a 5 year old.

We've been talking to Quinn alot about California.  At first he couldn't understand why we would want to leave NJ, Westfield, or our house.  But he really seems to be warming up to the idea the more we talk about it.  A house with a pool seems to be the big appeal.

As you might expect, we have been doing alot of decluttering and organizing.  The other night when we sent Quinn up to get his pj's on he called downstairs and asked us to come up to look at his room.  He had put all the stuff (and there was alot of it) that was on his bookshelf in to baskets.  He said he wanted it to look "smooth" for the move.  I just love this little guy!!!

14 July 2013


Yesterday we joined our friends the Mirzwa's for some late afternoon fun.  We started the party at our favorite fish taco joint, Surf Taco, and then it was off to Jenkinsons for rides.   Jenkinsons is a Jersey Shore classic.

Quinn and Lucas are now big enough and bold enough to do most of the rides by themselves.  And they loved it!!

Don had to go on this ride with them -- the Super Himalayan.   The two little ones look happier than the big one ;)

The sky was just gorgeous at the end of the night.  And these kind of places photograph beautifully a little out of focus.

Last ride of the night was the big roller coaster.  They  had been begging to go on this from the moment we arrived.  Dads and sons.

What a wonderful night with wonderful friends.

11 July 2013

Christmas List

Just in case you wanted to start your Christmas shopping early, Quinn has started his Christmas list.  Good luck!

09 July 2013

The Slides

Quinn really is just a hair short to go down the water slides (you need to be 48" tall).  We knew from talking to other parents that  certain life guards are more strict than others so we thought we would just keep trying until we found one that would let him go down.

Bingo!  On Sunday we found that lifeguard. Quinn went down several times and then the lifeguards changed.  The next lifeguard measured him and still let him go.

Quinn had a blast.  He especially loved the covered slide because it was dark and spooky and very fast!  Don and I even had some fun going down the slides.

05 July 2013

The Fourth at the Pool

Along with just about everyone else in Westfield, we spent our Fourth of July at the pool.  It was our first warm sunny day in quite some time.

It's taken a couple of visits to the pool for Quinn to really get in his swimming groove but I think he's there.  He took this years first jump off the diving board.  He tried to do a dive, as it is a diving board, and landed on his tummy.  A quick recovery and then many more feet first jumps :)

He is still about 1/4" shy to go down the slides.  Don and Quinn tried yesterday but the lifeguard was pretty strict and didn't let them go down :(

Summer Slide

One of the notes that Quinn's teachers made in his progress report was to continue to work on school work over the summer to prevent the "summer slide".

I found a couple of books that were perfect for Quinn with easy tear out pages.  He also has some of his "homework" from the school year that we never completed.  So every day, we spend about 15 minutes working on reading, writing, and math.  He's happy to do it with me sitting with him.  

The books that seemed right at his level are for 1st grade.  The pages get progressively harder but right now he has no problem with this level.

Working on the beginning consonant sound.

01 July 2013

Amy and The White House

Captured in a bubble.