26 July 2013

BFF's at the Beach Club

We spent another wonderful afternoon at the beach club in Sea Bright with Danielle and family.  It was a very, very hot day so we waited until a little later in the afternoon to get started.  This is the temp around 3 pm.

Sea Bright was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy and the cabana that Danielle's family rents was demolished and had to be rebuilt.  They had it ready by Memorial Day!  A view off their deck over the beach cabanas and to the beach.

There are a handful of swimming pools at the club and one of them was completely full of sand!


Danielle and I kind of stumbled in to our friendship.  We had known each other for several years before we started getting together about once a week.  As Quinn and Lucas began to develop a positive and respectful friendship, Danielle and I began forging a very close friendship.   BFF's!

(my little camera man took this picture for us :)

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