26 September 2013

Swim Lessons

Swimming is something that Quinn is really good at so we want to encourage it.  We can see him really pushing himself now that we are in the pool almost daily at home.

There is a swim school about 5 doors down from Quinn's school and he has started lessons there once a week.  The goal of the school is to teach the kids all 4 swim strokes to get them ready for swim team around age 7 or 8.  Quinn is great in the water but his technique definitely needs some work.

At the end of the lesson on Wednesday Quinn had the fun of going down the waterside, head first of course.

22 September 2013

First Hike

On Saturday we went on our first neighborhood hike.  There is a fire road about 10 houses down from us that leads to miles of trails.  

We took a left at the top of the fire road.  

Which leads you right back over our neighborhood.   Our house is in the cul de sac third one on the right.

If you continue on the trail the other side of the hill looks out over Thousand Oaks and beyond.  It seems impossible but I think that might be the ocean in the far distance glowing yellow.   The one long streak of sunlight is going right through the middle of it.  I will have to return for sunset!

Quinn loved the hike and the guys even found a geocache.

And I'll finish with a panoramic view.

20 September 2013

All About Me

Every Friday Quinn's class has a Sharing Day where each child brings something in from home to share with the class.  Some day they have free share and other days have a theme.  Today Quinn and his classmates are sharing their All About Me "backpacks".

And pictures that he took to include in the backpack.


Here's one I took last night in the hot tub that he included in his bag.

Moving In

We were so happy to say goodbye to room 334.

And hello to Eagles Claw Avenue.  Our moving guys were rock stars and had us unloaded by 2 pm on moving day.  Of course we immediately jumped in the pool!

This is how we were looking by the end of the day on Monday.  Not too bad.

My clever, clever husband gave Quinn a challenge of finding as many green moving stickers as he could and he would get a quarter for each one.  Extra points for non-green stickers as they are from previous moves.   It sure kept Q busy while we unpacked boxes.

Here are the contents of the kitchen.  Oh about 25 boxes that need to be unpacked.

Once I got the master bedroom and bathroom all set up I focused my attention on the kitchen.   By end of the day Thursday it was completed.  

The essentials.  

The dining room is starting to look like a dining room.

The tv is up and we are getting settled.

15 September 2013

Getting Ready to Get Settled

It's official.  The moving truck arrives on Monday!  We are so ready to check out of our hotel and spend our first night in our new home.  Although we closed on the home on August 30 the previous owners arranged for a 2 week rent back so this was our first weekend with access.

Our first family jump in to the pool!

The pool has a beach style entry and then goes to about 3 feet.  There is a "baja reef" which is a drop off and the pool then drops to 8 feet deep.  There are a couple of nice seats in the deep end and also a ledge all around that you can hold on to.  But Quinn had no problems diving to the bottom of the pool and getting dive sticks of the bottom.  

There were many jumps and dives off the highest point.  Don even did a pretty good back flip!

And then warming up in the hot tub.  It's pretty deep in the middle so that Quinn could stand on his tippy-toes and barely have his head out of water.  Don and I have already picked out our spots.  And I think we figured out the controls.

After all the fun in the pool Don and I spent a good amount of time figuring out where all the furniture would go and where we would stack boxes.   Don was able to take the day off on Monday and Quinn will stay home from school so that he is part of the move-in process.  Yesterday when we were leaving the house, Quinn asked why we couldn't stay.  I think Quinn is getting adjusted :)

Monday we will also be closing on our NJ home.  So many happy memories made here.

13 September 2013

Happy Birthday D-Rex!

Happy Birthday Don!  Quinn and I did some after school shopping to get Don some surprise birthday gifts.  As soon as Don walked in the door Quinn began sharing all our surprises with Don.

Since Don now has to wear a tie to work we picked out a couple of new ones for him.  The nice guy at Nordstroms who boxed them up for us told Quinn to tell his dad to shake the boxes and guess what was in them.

Quinn picked out these awesome triceratops super soakers for Don!  We plan to spend our weekend at the pool at our new house so these were perfect!

Don and Quinn love to play this name game thing.  Quinn will ask Don to stop calling him Mighty.  Don replies I'll start calling you Quinn if you start calling me Donosaurus Rex or D-Rex for short.  And then sometimes Quinn just wants to be called by a different name, like John.   So this is all Quinn's idea :)

Our lovely outdoor meal a walk away from our luxurious accommodations.  

Are bundt cakes the new cupcake?  I was looking for a cupcake place and found Nothing Bundt Cakes instead.

Happy Birthday to the best guy in the world!  You keep our lives so fun and interesting!

11 September 2013

Getting Old, Morning Hike, Back to School, and a Surprise!

This arrived a couple of weeks early, but I guess it was inevitable. 

To keep myself feeling young, I went on a nice hike after dropping Quinn off at school.  I'm a bit wary of hiking alone but Don suggested Wildwood Park.  I've hiked these trails many times but usually with furry, four legged friends.  It's a nice wide open trail with some gentle to moderate inclines and declines.  There's enough foot traffic that if I were to need help I know someone would be along shortly.  And it's not so wild that I would likely run in to a coyote or rattlesnake.

My first look down the path.

I took the path on the left that goes up to Lizard Rock.

A view from Lizard Rock looking back at Thousand Oaks.  It was a foggy, hazy morning.

A full day at school every day makes bed time a snap.  

Tuesday night Don and I attended back to school night at Quinn's school while Quinn got to play in one of the classrooms.  It was nice to see Quinn's classroom, learn more about his school day, and meet the other parents.

Quinn's artwork that makes me a little sad.  Look at that sad face.

But then this one just made us laugh.  On the first day of school I felt nuts! That's our boy :)

And his pencil box.  Those pencils have been in there for about one week.  Mrs. Chanduri said that Quinn likes his pencil really sharp so he spends alot of time sharpening.  I guess I will need to reload soon.

Now Quinn just loves school and is making friends with all the boys in his class...Sebastian, Benjamin, Madoc, and Dallas.  He likes to get there early so he can play on the playground before class and he likes me to pick him up late so he can play after class.  Yesterday he said It's not as good as Sundance.  Why?  Because Chloe F. always tries to kiss me.

When we left the school last night he claimed This was the best night ever!  He repeated that sentiment again this morning.  He loved it because he got to play with his friends and even some of the older kids.

I've been working on a little surprise for Quinn so shhhhh!

We have put this off for over a year waiting to move so now is the time.  One of these little furballs will be Quinn's 6th Birthday gift and will be coming home with us at the end of October.

08 September 2013

Beach Day

We made our first trip to the beach Saturday.  We went to a favorite beach in Ventura that usually isn't too crowded and also has some food options nearby.  

It was scorching hot in Thousand Oaks when we left the hotel -- maybe 95 degrees.   We walked out to the beach in Ventura and realized we should have brought jackets.  Regardless it was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed relaxing on the beach.  

Quinn dipped his toes in the ocean and ran away.  The water is chilly but people were still swimming.  

This is about how far Don made it in.

Quinn probably spent a good 30 minutes chasing the birds.

We had some dinner and took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to catch the sunset.  We found a little beach with a great view.  I imagined this cute picture of Quinn on the lifeguard stand with the sunset.  But the sign on the station said keep off and my little rule follower wasn't about break that rule.  Oh, and it might have been a little chilly.

The sunset.

The sky was pink and purple looking the other way.  

My guys all wrapped in towels taking in the sunset.