29 October 2013

Puppy Love

Sonic is such a sweet and loving little guy.  And we are all exhausted by this 15 pounds of fur :)  Although he is pretty good in the house you can't take your eye off of him for a minute.  He might just be a little bit naughty.

Given his age, nights are going pretty well.  He only needs to go out once during the night and is stretching out the time between bedtime and his potty break so we are making quick progress.

He always loves to sit at someones feet and has found the magic spot for goodies.

Sonic loves to play hard and then sleep hard.  For my sanity, he spends time in the crate during the day so I can get things done around the house.  He sleeps most of the day anyways so better in a place where he can't get in to any trouble.

He hasn't had any vaccinations yet so he won't be exposed to the outside world (other than the vet) and other dogs until he's about 16 weeks.  In the meantime, he will just be his cute little self.

27 October 2013


On Saturday we brought Sonic home with us and he is just a happy, cuddly ball of fur.  He likes to play hard and then sleep hard.  

I'm sure yesterday was pretty traumatic for him and he needed some extra sleep so there was alot of this going on.  Quinn loved to have Sonic sleep on him.  

Sleeping with his tongue hanging out.  

We put him in the crate a couple of times and he wasn't crazy about it but eventually quieted down.  I think the crate training will be key in saving our house and our sanity.  We found a nice smaller sized crate on craigslist that Sonic will use until he outgrows it.

He followed me around quite a bit and if I stopped, he would plop down and lie on my feet.  

Or curl up with me.   I tried to give him lots of extra attention as I'm sure he's missing his brothers and sisters.  He was the first baby to fly the coop.  

He wasn't too sure about the water and the pool but I remembered watching a show with Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) and he just put the dogs back legs in the water and it instinctually knew to paddle.  So we gave it a try and it worked.

And how did last night go?  I don't know yet because I'm the first one up.  We would really like for Sonic to sleep in Quinn's room with Quinn who has migrated back to our room.  So Don and Sonic slept in Quinn's room last night and it's still quiet at 7:30 am...that could be good or bad.  Don was going to take Sonic out a couple of times during the night.  Once we can get Sonic to sleep quietly through the night he and Quinn will be bunk buddies.  

We had a couple of little puppy issues yesterday but I have to say he is a great little guy.  Quinn said that he and Sonic aren't going to be brothers, they are going to be twins!  

19 October 2013

Class of 2026

My first in a yearly series for the next 13 years.

I couldn't figure out why the picture was white-ish around his head and I looked at my lens to see if it was dirty.  Oh yeah, it was dirty.  I think this may have had something to do with it.

14 October 2013

Our New Family Member

This cutie pie is coming our way!

On Sunday we went to pick out Quinn's new puppy.   And Quinn might be a little bit happy about his new little guy.   There were 6 pups in the litter, 3 boys and 3 girls, and we had 2nd choice of the males.  The breeder really loved this little guy because of his coloring and he has such a great personality.

I was trying to get the above pictures and look what happened.  Our little guy is on the left.  

We all got our hugs and kisses.

(I have a bit of an evil look in my eyes and it looks like I'm strangling him.  I'm not, really.)

We arrived right around nap time and as soon as we put him back with his brothers and sisters he was out (orange collar).

Look at this pile of yellow fur!

After raising Apollo from a puppy and having rescued dozens of unwanted dogs, I said that I would never buy a puppy.  But Quinn has been asking for a dog for several years and I think as an only child he needs a dog and there's something about a boy and a puppy.

We had promised Quinn as soon as we moved in to our new house he would get a puppy so I started looking while we were in temp housing.  I found this particular breeder on the American Kennel Club website and after several emails back and forth I really liked her and decided to go with a puppy from this litter.  I had found several other breeders but this one felt right.  And after meeting her in person on Sunday I know we made the right choice.

The puppies are currently 6+ weeks old and we will go back in two weeks and bring our furry boy home on October 26.  The top names thus far are Sonic, Otto, Sky and Yoda.  But we're still discussing our options.

Quinn is 6!!!

Our sweet boy turned 6 even though he promised me he would stay 5 forever!  He's been counting down to his birthday and was a very happy boy on October 9.

It was a happy coincidence that his school had a picnic lunch for parents on Quinn's birthday.  It also happened to be the first rainy day in SoCal all year so we picnicked in the cafeteria.  Quinn was a pretty happy boy to each lunch with his Amy, Don, and Grams.

He also celebrated with cupcakes with his class and his teacher said the cupcakes were such a big hit the kids were asking for more the next morning.

Quinn was a pretty excited boy to come home to a big pile of gifts.  He was eager to open one so we got on the phone with his best pal Lucas and skyped while he opened his gift.  Lucas somehow knew the perfect gift for Quinn -- Switch and Go Dinos!

When papa got home we opened even more gifts!  And more Switch and Go Dinos!

The McGee's sent this awesome gift.  Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu.  You're going down soy boy.  Not this time you greasy punk!

OMG!  Minecraft Legos from Grams!  

And a Minecraft tshirt!

Quinn loved all his gifts and it seemed even more special this year living in California far away from our friends and family.

Quinn requested quesadillas and guacamole for dinner and a chocolatey chocolatey cake!

I think 6 is going to be a pretty great year for Quinn!

California Adventure

There are several hotels in the park and we chose the Disneyland Hotel because I read that it provided the most Disney experiences including the headboard that lights up and plays a lullaby.

We were up bright and early Sunday morning so that we could enter the California Adventure Park at 7 am and again beat the crowds.

The Cars Land (from the movie Cars) was pretty amazing and Quinn loved it!

Red the fire truck tooted out Happy Birthday to Quinn!

The best ride in California Adventure is Radiator Springs Racers.  When we got to the park we made a b-line for the ride but we were warned that it wasn't working but to stand in line to get a fast pass (assigned time) to do the ride later.  So I got in line around 7:45 am while Don and Quinn worked on finding some breakfast.

Did I mention that it was Gay Day at Disney this weekend?  It added such a fun element and it kinda makes sense that gays and Disney go together.  All those celebrating Gay Day wore red shirts.  Here's a picture I took while in the fastpass line.  I heard one guy walk by who said "Unless this is a line for Cher tickets honey, I'm not waiting" :)  Oh, and did you notice Don was wearing a red shirt on Saturday?  

Our favorite ride that day Toy Story Mania which was a shooting game but we also loved the old fashioned style roller coaster California Screamin'.  We made the mistake of going on it right after breakfast and Quinn said his tummy hurt.  While Don took Q to the bathroom this is what I did.

After a second time on Toy Story Mania Quinn asked to do the roller coaster again.  Look at all those happy faces!

Our fastpass time is up and we are ready to ride Radiator Springs Racers.  It was worth the wait!

What another great day but we were all exhausted by about 1 pm and headed home!  Happy Birthday Q!


This year for Quinn's birthday we took a family trip to Disneyland.  We went down on Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon.

Our Disney experience started the moment we checked in at the hotel.  They had Quinn help with the check in process and gave him a Jr. Cast Member and a Birthday Button.

Free upgrade to a suite with a view?  Heck yeah!  A look down at the pool.

If you stay in the hotel, you have the benefit of entering one of the parks early so we decided to take full advantage of this.  Here we are at 6:45 am heading towards Disneyland.  So glad we decided to take a stroller.

By getting to the park early, we were able to walk on most of the rides with no wait.  I think we were able to do more stuff by noon than people that get their later and stay all day.

We walked right on to Space Mountain and I heard people talking about waiting 90 minutes to ride it later that day.  This was a ride Quinn does not want to ever to again.

Quinn wore his birthday button and got lots of Happy Birthdays! from the Crew Members.  At first he wasn't crazy about the attention but then started to enjoy it.

Don and I really loved the Star Wars themed Star Tours ride and rode that one a couple of times.  Here's Quinn getting ready to go in to the ride.  

You can't do Disney and not ride It's a Small World.

I had made reservations for a character breakfast at 10 am in the park.  Quinn didn't really enjoy the character part of the breakfast.   They were all pointing out his birthday badge but Quinn wasn't quite in the happy birthday zone yet.

This was Quinn's favorite part of the trip.  Jedi Training!!  We had him wear his "Yoda Man" tshirt, his birthday badge, and jump up and down so he would be picked for the training.


Working on their skills.  Right shoulder, left shoulder, right leg, left leg, head!

It's time to take down Darth Maul.

He loved that experience!

Time to head back to the hotel for a dip and a rest.  A look down from our room during the day.

After a good nap we headed back to the park for a couple more rides and the parade.

The schedule listed the fireworks as being cancelled (because of the wind) but they went off and we were able to watch them from our room.

Good night!  We had an early morning tomorrow.