Puppy Love

29 October 2013

Sonic is such a sweet and loving little guy.  And we are all exhausted by this 15 pounds of fur :)  Although he is pretty good in the house you can't take your eye off of him for a minute.  He might just be a little bit naughty.

Given his age, nights are going pretty well.  He only needs to go out once during the night and is stretching out the time between bedtime and his potty break so we are making quick progress.

He always loves to sit at someones feet and has found the magic spot for goodies.

Sonic loves to play hard and then sleep hard.  For my sanity, he spends time in the crate during the day so I can get things done around the house.  He sleeps most of the day anyways so better in a place where he can't get in to any trouble.

He hasn't had any vaccinations yet so he won't be exposed to the outside world (other than the vet) and other dogs until he's about 16 weeks.  In the meantime, he will just be his cute little self.

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