29 January 2014

Around Here

Quinn and Sonic are the best of buds.  All the pain and suffering that Sonic has put us through is worth these moments.

When we are away from the house for long periods of time Sonic goes to doggy day care and comes home exhausted.  

And he is losing his baby teeth.  Let the real chewing begin :(

Quinn continues with his swim lessons and his teacher Ms. Felicia is really pushing him.  She can see how good he can be and she's trying to show him what he's capable of achieving.

Quinn comes home with homework every Monday and starting this week he came home with a Book in a Bag.  His teacher picked out a book for him and this is a clear sign that she knows our boy.  A great non-fiction book about Penguins.  He has a very, very short book report to hand in on Friday.

26 January 2014

California Science Center

Lately we've been spending alot of time away from home.  Don will come home during lunch to feed Sonic and give him a short walk but Sonic sometimes spends 8 - 10 hours in the crate.  We come home exhausted and Sonic is ready to party like a rock star.  Not a good combination.  

But not anymore.  I found doggy day care for Sonic!  We drop him off and he plays with similar sized dogs inside and outside all day long.  Anytime we want to see what he's doing, we pull up the app on the iphone and find him in the indoor or outdoor play yard.  He has a very happy day playing with his doggy friends and comes home exhausted.  Win-Win for everyone!

On Saturday we dropped of Sonic at doggy day care and headed out to the California Science Center.  

We checked out the kelp forest exhibit. 

Our main objective was to see the Endeavour Space Shuttle.  If you have a 2 minutes there is a fascinating time lapse video showing how Endeavour was moved through LA.

And there she is.

Looking at it from a distance you don't see all the texture and tiles.

Stephen Bowen is the husband of a childhood friend and is an astronaut who has flown on two space shuttle missions.

Stuff from This Week

We make lots of jokes in our house about how much we hate the (furry) buddy.  Quinn doesn't appreciate us talking about his brother like that.  I told him that once he starts picking up dog poop I will stop making those kinds of comments.  But lately Quinn has started making jokes too about how there's only one person in the family that loves Sonic.   We all love Sonic, sometimes.  

We are on the road quite a bit these days and LA traffic is very unpredictable.  Then we started using an iphone app called Waze.  All the Waze users tell Waze when there is heavy traffic, accidents, etc so that Waze can give you the best route.  And the ETA is usually pretty darned accurate.  And  I love it when Waze tells me to take the Pacific Coast Highway.  

Other things I love seeing when I'm out and about.

Quinn hasn't had a swim lesson in about a month because of the holidays and other things.  It was so nice to get back there and get him in the water again with Ms. Felicia.

Santa Monica

Last weekend we squeezed the best out of our weekend with a visit to the Santa Monica Pier.

When we were sitting at lunch, Quinn could see what he wanted to do next.   Just look at the reflection in his glasses.

A couple of views from above in the ferris wheel.

Quinn loves his rides.

19 January 2014

Bright Eyes x2

18 January 2014


I made a sweet little photo book for Quinn and his buddy Lucas from NJ.  They both loved it.  Well now Quinn has asked me to take pictures of him and his brother Sonic and create another photobook.  I guess I should be happy that Quinn is going to start requesting that I take photos of him, like this one.

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Name all the things that seem wrong about this picture.  I can think of quite a few.

12 January 2014

Afternoon Hike

Another great day for a nice long hike.  

I almost pulled the plug right about here at the very beginning because there was so much complaining going on with this one and alot of resistance from our furry buddy too.  But we persisted.  

A view of Simi Valley.

Quinn asked if we were still in California so we asked Siri :)

The moon is following my little sword carrying mounter lion fighter.

Some occasional help up the hills.

I love seeing this in January.

In the homestretch.  Sonic would like to carry his leash and walk himself all the way home but he's just too unpredictable so this didn't last long.