24 February 2014


You may or may not know that Don's brother Brad is now a big part of our life.  I don't post about it because I feel like it's his story to tell.  But he posted some pics on FB so I feel comfortable sharing them here too.

Corky and Meg were in town for the weekend to visit Brad and we were able to spend a little time with them.  We were close to downtown LA so we had lunch at the Disney Concert Hall.  It's quite a piece of architecture.

Meg and Quinn had some fun while we visited with Brad.

Barbara is here too so Brad is getting lots of family support.

22 February 2014

Morning Buddies

19 February 2014

Happy Buddies

17 February 2014


Why not start Sunday morning under the bed with your best buddy?

Remember this stuffed buddy?  Don and I used to hide it in each other's stuff so that you would find it at the most unexpected time.  Quinn and I got Don this morning but then Don got us back good :)

A lazy morning putting together Legos.

Dirty little boy fingers.

An Afternoon in Ventura


15 February 2014


I have heard great things about the Little League program in Thousand Oaks.   I was hesitant about signing up Quinn because the TO team has won 6 US Little League Championships and 2 World Championships but a neighbor assured me that the TBall is alot of fun with no pressure.

Today Quinn had his first practice and my neighbor was right.  They play a game once a week but they don't keep score, all the kids get to hit, etc, etc.  It was all boys Quinn's age who attend the public school that Quinn will attend next year.  And I think Quinn even had some fun!

I didn't want to be "that" mom with the big camera the first day so I just took a couple of photos.

Quinn and I are just hanging out this afternoon doing what we love best.  wii for him and his buddy and photography stuff for me.

10 February 2014

Our Sunday

We spent the morning in our pj's being lazy.

How do you like our new lawnmower for our massive lawn?  It's actually a weedwacker with an attachment that makes it kind of like a mower.  Perfect for the little patch of grass that Sonic is slowly killing.   The first of many times Quinn will mow the lawn.

Quinn went to a birthday party on Saturday and one of the moms was telling me about a go cart racing track so we decided to give it a try.

Checking out the racers.

Suited up and ready to go.

And off he goes!

He had a great time and didn't do too bad for his first time out.  

08 February 2014


Quinn gets home from school and he goes right for his buddy and his ipad. 

This dog is such a huge pain in the butt.  Then I see this....

Tuesday morning Quinn was complaining about a tummy ache.  Like any good mom I made him breakfast and went on with our day getting ready for school.  Once he threw up I knew that the tummy ache was real.  So we had a day at home in our jammies.  

Here's our boy getting a ribbon for doing 4 big arms in swim lessons.  It's basically 4 good freestrokes without a breath and then turning on to his back for 4 counts, turning back on his tummy and doing 4 big arms.  So proud!!

Quinn is such a good little reader.  He can read just about anything.  Right now he's reading at about a 2nd grade level.  His teacher is also giving him and a couple of other kids in his class some advanced math.

I finally got caught up on scanning his schoolwork and putting it in the project life book.  Here's a look at some of it.