30 March 2014

The Storm

Here's our slugger at bat!

And doing his thing on second base.  I'm not sure what his thing is :)

Quinn doesn't quite keep his head in the game.  Legos, Minecraft, Sonic?  We know it isn't TBall.

Game is over, run to the dugout.  Quinn?  QUINN?

After every game each team does a "2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate?" and the other teams name.  Lots of sportsmanship involved.

Snack Time!!!

These two coaches were high school buddies and are really great with the kids.  We couldn't ask for better coaches.

Go Storm!!

26 March 2014

Field Trip

Quinn was so excited about his first field trip to the Moorpark Community College Teaching Zoo.   He couldn't wait to "ride on the school bus without seat belts".   I was very happy to chaperone and join him on the field trip.

They started with a show called "Good Pet or Bad Pet" and they would bring out animals for the kids to decide.  Bunny, Donkey, Turkey Vulture, Dog, etc, etc.  

I was responsible for Quinn and another little girl Nidhi.  She was the sweetest little girl and she and Quinn were perfectly paired.  Look at them holding hands :)

I think I was enjoying the day too much to get more pictures.  After the zoo we went to a local park for a picnic lunch and playtime on the playground.  A very happy first field trip.

23 March 2014

Family Pool Party

A beautiful afternoon in SoCal but the pool is still chilly.  Don and Sonic were the only two crazy enough to jump in.   Don got the hot tub going to warm up between chilly dips.  

Sonic was in the water alot but didn't want to go deep enough where he couldn't touch.  Don helped him out with that :)

Quinn and Sonic

These should make up for not blogging for a while.

16 March 2014

Sonic Opens Doors

Just in case you didn't see this post on FaceBook, here's a 4 second video of Sonic opening the bedroom door.  Yes, we're thrilled :(

I isolated one part of the clip where he has his paw right on the door handle.  Oy Vey!


Sick Day

On Friday Quinn was not feeling so great so he and I had a quiet day at home.  Starting with going back to bed for extra cuddle time.  

Hanging out with his buddy.

And back to bed for a couple of hours of mother son ipad time.

It was a one day thing and he is back to his happy healthy self.

11 March 2014

Opening Day

Saturday was opening day for TBall.  It's a game where outs don't matter and runs don't count.  Each game is 3 innings and every kid gets a turn at bat and swings until they hit and always runs to first base.  They have some fun and the parents cheer them on.

Go Storm!

Quinn and Zachary always end up next to each other.  They are both silly boys and neither of them is very interested in the sport.  

Hmm, who might that be sitting down at shortstop?

Reading to Sonic