28 April 2014

Back to Our Normal

Things are starting to get back to our normal around here.   Although I think Sonic is wondering why Quinn and Don are on his bed!

27 April 2014

La Brea Tar Pits

Saturday was a beautiful day to visit the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum right in the heart of LA.

This picture is taken standing on top of the museum looking down at the tar pits.  You can see Don in his blue shirt walking with Quinn towards the pits which look like a big pond.

Don and Q checking out a recreated mammoth getting stuck in the pits.

They are active and bubbling and stinky.


The Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art is right next door so we had lunch and checked out the sculpture garden.

The grounds around the museums and tar pits are beautiful!

Levitating Mass.

I photoshopped out all the people except Don and Quinn :)

Inside the museum checking out the paleontologist lab.

26 April 2014

First Playdate

OK, so we've lived here 6 months and Quinn is just now having his first playdate at our house.   But we've had some other things to deal with so we get a big fat pass.  

You may have seen my Dirty Dog post.  That was a prelude to the playdate.  Wear the dog out so he will sleep in his crate quietly.  It worked.

First up, Skylanders Swap Force on the wiiU.

With a popcorn snack.

Quinn's friend couldn't wait to see Quinn's village on Clash of Clans.

Outside for some water play.  I kept an eagle eye on these two near the pool.

Quinn's buddy was a little leery of Sonic and I told him that he could squirt Sonic if Sonic was naughty.

Let's make it rain!

A great first play date!!

Open House

Quinn's school had an open house to display all the projects and art that the kids have been working on this year.

A selfie :)

Each classroom was a city and Quinn's class worked on Beijing.  We have learned all sorts of interesting facts about China and Beijing over the last month.

A look at all of Quinn's projects and his groups Great Wall of China.  Did you know that the Great Wall of China is 5,500 miles long?

Quinn and one of his buddies.

Last night at dinner Quinn was telling us the best and worst things about his day.  One of the worst things was that his teacher Mrs. Chanduri took down all of their China related projects.

25 April 2014

Dirty Dog

This is what a successful trip to the dog park looks like.   Tired and dirty.

Spring School Picture

As if one bad school picture per year wasn't enough, we now have Spring school pictures.

24 April 2014

Look Who Lost a Tooth

23 April 2014

The Storm

22 April 2014

Going Back East

Quinn and I went back east for Spring Break.  Warning...overload of pictures ahead :)

Quinn got his first Mad magazine.  It was way over his head but that Lego cover sealed the deal.

Blue eyed and red faced....that's my boy.

  These two being silly at the park.

Hmm, there's a trend.

Wake up sleepy head.

My favorite picture of them all.

Hanging with Grams on the deck.

And being silly with Ben.

Ben wanted to recreate an old picture of them.  If I had more gumption I would go and find it.  But this one is good.

And yes, it snowed!

A little ipad at bedtime.

On this afternoon we spent a good hour or more reading Quinn's book Captain Underpants!  Hanging out with Aunt Pammy :)

Quinn's best buddy Lucas and his family drove down to NJ to spend a couple of days with us.  We were happy to see them!

Minecraft in the morning.  I love seeing these two together and they way they sit so close and happy together.

The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom!

Dance party in the amphitheater.

What a great week!!