30 July 2014

Adding Videos to my Project Life Album

I don't take alot of videos but I would like to "document" the few that I do take.  How do I add a video to my Project Life Album?  My girl Stacey McGee passed on a tutorial on how I can accomplish this.

On your smart phone you can download any app that reads QR Codes.  I have the "Scan" app.  Once you have that app you can hold your phone up to the screen and scan this QR code and the video should pop right up!  I don't know how long this technology will be supported, but why not!

29 July 2014

Maui: The End

One last look off the balcony before we leave.

LAX, sweet LAX.  

Maui: Day 7

The last day started off beautifully.  

We could really see the other islands this morning.  Lanai.


 A day at the beach.

Amy, take off your hat.  1, 2, 3...dunk.

Let's try that again.  1, 2, click.  Oops!

A look south.

A look north.

The condo.  The walls were lined with mirrors so you always saw the ocean.

A great way to end our vacation.  A great big piece of Hula Pie.

Maui: Day 6

Every morning I would wake up and again be amazed by my surroundings.  Here's a look off the balcony to the pool, mountains, condo grounds, and beach.

That's the island of Molokai out in the distance.   When we first arrived it was hard to see as it was covered in clouds.

Morning routines don't change because of the location.  Green blankie and snuggles with mama.

Don would head down to the beach first and set up camp for the family.    Can you see the paddle boarder in the water?  It appears to be the new thing to do.

Heading back to Black Rock for another jump!

Once they climbed to the top some guy looked at Quinn and said "hey kid, you're bleeding".  Quinn looked down at the scrape on his knee and he said "It's nothing. I didn't even feel it."  Our brave boy!

As you can see, he just gets up and jumps.   He got lots of cheers!  Click here if you want to see if larger on youtube.


Maui: Day 5

Today was supposed to be our day out of the sun.

We started with a trip up the western coast of Maui to check out some 'dragons teeth'.    These teeth formed when the wind and the waves hit the lava as it was forming.  

Quinn had some fun exploring.

The labyrinth made for a nice family activity.

It was windy!

Then we were off to do some ziplining.  Most places required children to be over the age of 8 so I was happy to find this place.   

Quinn was so excited!  btw, did you notice his cool tiki necklace?

We got to the top of the first one and it was windy and high.  I felt a little trepidation but when they asked who wanted to go first, Quinn raised his hand.  This particular place was good because they had dual ziplines so we could go in pairs.  

Don tried to do some videos but it was tough because you didn't have alot of control over which way you were facing.

He got this video of Quinn and I coming in for a landing.  This was a shorter/lower line and they encouraged us to let go with our hands but that wasn't for me.  I liked holding on to the handlebars :)  However Don did a backwards "trust fall".  Yikes!!

Then it was on to our next adventure.  We went to Haleakala which is a dormant volcano that last erupted 400 - 500 years ago.

On our way up, still below the clouds.

Above the clouds at 10.000 ft elevation.   It was like we were on a different planet.  Definitely worth the drive.

You really felt like you were on top of the world.

This plant only grows in this location so they are working hard to preserve it.  It matched the unworldly feeling of the terrain.

A fun adventurous day!