Morning with my Buddies

by Amy, August 26, 2014
Many mornings Quinn, Sonic, and I hang out in Quinn's room for the first hour or so of our day.  It's great screen-free time where we goof off, read books, just hang out.  We connect and have fun together.

On Monday I was loving this time together and also feeling melancholy because of the start of school on Wednesday.  I told my buddies to stay put and got my camera out to document this very special time together.  I will miss these slow mornings together.

And another reminder why we got this furry little trouble maker.

This goof ball dog likes to get his name tag in his mouth and just hold it.  Like this.

The many faces of Quinn.  And one more male in our family that likes to have his tongue hanging out.

See the tongue hanging out on both of them?

Quinn encouraging Sonic to suck his thumb.  He loves when Sonic licks him because it means he loves him.

Oh no, the tag fell out of my mouth.  I have to get it!

Quinn loves to sit on my lap and then have Sonic sit in his lap.  It worked better when Sonic weighed 20 pounds.  Sonic is still going after that tag and is not cooperating with our triple selfie.

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