28 September 2014

This Week We...

...we had more playdates...

...we had soccer practice....

...got a haircut...

...celebrated a birthday with a dinner out...

...met up with Don's cousin Casey and checked out his home on wheels...

...and enjoyed a nice afternoon with Casey...

...and drew mutant ninja turtle jellyfish.

22 September 2014

Class of 2026: 1st Grade

You might remember that I got a tshirt that says Class of 2026.  The goal is to take a picture of Quinn in the shirt every year until he finally grows in to the adult large shirt.  Here is a link to last years post.

Quinn stayed home from school today after a sick day yesterday but he is back to his old self today.

Mr. Class of 2026.

21 September 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Mornings almost always start with Sonic on the floor.

Then our Saturday afternoon soccer game.  This week went a little bit better. 

The boy in the foreground is the coaches son and he's the glue that holds this team together.  He's quite a little soccer player.  It's funny watching him and his dad interact.  Coach is so patient with all the kids on the team but expects alot from his son.

Getting a squirt of water.  #4 here has turned out to be a really great friend for Quinn.  He's in 2nd grade and is in the classroom right next to Quinn's.  We went swimming with them on Thursday and they had a ball together.  (That's his big brother doing the squirting.)

We just got all of our bikes tuned up, and boy did then need some tuning.  We took the training wheels and pedals off of Quinn's bike.   Trying to teach him to glide and balance on the bike.  Don was encouraging him to take great big strides and we were counting how many strides from one line to another.  You can see he was improving each time.

Saturday night we dropped Quinn off at Kids Nite Out at a local gymnastics place while Don and I went out to dinner.  Quinn's buddy #4 from soccer was there and again they had the best time together.

He must have picked up a stomach bug because he was pretty sick most of the day Sunday.  This kid hasn't napped in ages so you know he was feeling pretty bad.   Daddy long legs.

After his nap he woke up feeling pretty good and was ready to eat.  He ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner all within about 2 hours.  Toast with honey, mom's amazing sandwich, and some croissants.  He'll stay home from school on Monday but I think he's going to be a-ok.

And that's a wrap.

20 September 2014

My Hiking Buddy

Sonic and I have started walking most mornings, when it's cool enough.  On Friday I took him to Wildwood Park for a hike.   It was our first cool day in quite some time so a great day to be outside.

This buddy gets excited when I get the leash out.  He's ready to go.

Wildwood is a great park because there are just enough people that I feel safe hiking alone and it's wide open.  If I were to get in any trouble, it would be easy enough to call for help.

This is as far as we went.  About 2.5 miles roundtrip with some nice challenging hills on the way.

This is what we usually do when we get home from a walk.  I declined to jump in with him today.

Nap time!

16 September 2014

Pleased with Playdates

This year we are so pleased with all the playdates Quinn has been having.  Lots of drop off playdates and take-home-from-school playdates.  It's nice to have an extra 2 hours during the day while Quinn more than happily goes to a friends house.

This time it was my turn to pick up and bring home.

We've even started leaving the 2nd car seat in the car for emergencies.  Many of us have exchanged numbers, just in case.  

Yes, we are pleased with playdates.

14 September 2014

Minecraft Mania

If you don't know this, Quinn is Minecraft Crazy.  Cray-Cray Crazy!

He asked for a PC Minecraft game that would give him more functionality.  Don gave him a challenge to earn the game and write the alphabet 5 times upper case and 5 times lower case.  Quinn hates writing so this was a good challenge.   That was 3 weeks ago and he still hasn't completed the challenge.

Until this morning.  He had 2 upper case and 3 lower case to finish his challenge.  I told him he could knock it out pretty quickly if he sat down and did it.  And he did!

He's also working on a comic book that you can see here. 

 Making the last checkmark.

And earning his game.

It's so hard! (he says)