31 October 2014

Lang Ranch Halloween Parade

Happy Halloween!!  Quinn was counting down the days and is so very excited about Halloween.  I'm a Halloween Grinch but I'm putting on my best smile and effort.  

Aunt Pam sends Quinn a halloween shirt every year for his birthday and I think this may be the coolest one ever.  Don sent me text to dress Quinn in this shirt more often.  Bad to the bone. 

I've asked Quinn a million times what he wants to be for Halloween and there were lots of zombie kind of requests which I wasn't digging.  Maybe in a couple of years.  So I took him to Target to look at costumes.  He wanted to be every one that he saw.  Then he saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes and said "I want to be Michelangelo".  Boom.  Done.  

You might remember he was Michelangelo last year.  

Looking good!

 Here he is with his buddies Nate (the Creeper) and Ethan (the pilot).

And Jake from soccer.

Eric is the Green Man from the Vancouver Canucks.

The school does a Halloween parade where the principal starts in the kindergarten room and winds through every room picking up a class. Here they are coming out of Mrs. Cano's room.

Quinn and his tball buddy Zach (aka Steve from Minecraft).

There are about 700 kids in the school so you can imagine how crazy it is.  The Mama and Papa Razzi are out in full force!

Happy Halloween!

Carving Pumpkins

It seems like we are always late in carving our pumpkins, but we got them done!   

Tuesday after school Quinn and I went up to Underwood Farms to pick out a pumpkin for all of us.  After swim practice Quinn carved his pumpkin.  

He calls it The Scream!  

Wednesday when Quinn and I got home from soccer practice Don was outside getting started on his pumpkin.  Then Quinn volunteered to do mine!  Thanks buddy!!

He insisted we buy a pumpkin carving set when we got our pumpkins and that was the only thing he would use.

Cyclopes pumpkin.

Mae sent Quinn a really cute homemade book with pictures of Don carving his pumpkin at age 7.  No surprise our boy likes an unconventional pumpkin too :)

Goodbye Bamboo!

This was one great car.   Over the 10ish years we've had this car it took us from California, to Seattle, to NJ, and back to California.  Quinn's first ride was in this car.  It took our families to so many places safely and comfortably.  I loved this car and felt a little bit sad about trading it in.   The name of the color was bamboo and it was the perfect name.  Sometimes the car looked green and sometimes tanish and sometimes silverish.  Bye Bambo, you served us well.

And hello Mama Blue.  I've been calling it Mama Blue just because I used to have Baby Blue.  So far we are loving this new car.  It's comfortable to drive and is full of new technology.  It's not too big for our family of 3 but can seat up to 7.  Get used to seeing it because it's going to be around for the next 10 years.

29 October 2014

Bug Eyes

Sonic was outside going crazy over something near our patio table.  I went to check it out and this is what I saw. I pulled out my superzoom lens to capture this guy although he must have been 4 inches long.

He kept an eye on me :)

Did he ever!

25 October 2014

Colored Morning Painting

24 October 2014

Morning Paintings

I'm taking a ClickinMoms class and this week we are working on inspiration from Dutch masters.

23 October 2014

Warning: Lots of Bragging Here

I love school pictures even when they look like this.  He claims this is his best smile :)

This kid is rocking it at school this year and we couldn't be prouder.  At our Parent/Teacher conference we expressed some concern because he can already read and spell all the words 1st graders need to know by June.   He has also met most of the math skills.   The teacher said that she was working on a plan to challenge the high performers.  

A week or so ago Quinn came home with a flyer about Xtra Math to push his math skills.  It's an app that he can do on the ipad.  Win!

Then on Monday he came home with this flyer.  On Monday they have a spelling test and if they spell all the words correctly they get this challenge.  I tested him on all of these spelling words and challenge words and he got them all right.  Maybe we need 3rd grade words.  

Quinn has his challenges, including handwriting, but it's great to see him excel and do so well in school.    His years at Sundance gave him a great start and served him well.  

I've also had the chance to work with all the kids in Quinn's class a couple of times.  His class has Centers every day from 9 - 10 am.  The kids rotate in small groups doing an activity for about 15 minutes.  One of the Centers is in the hallway doing an activity with a parent.  It's great to get to know all the kids and that part has been fun.  But let me just say that I'm glad I'm not a teacher.  

21 October 2014

Today in Black and White

19 October 2014

He Rides!

Today it was 75 degrees and sunny so we hit the park to work on Quinn's bike riding.  

We went to a park that had a small grass slope.  After a few times down the slope he seemed to be getting the hang of it.

Don gave him a push on the grass.

And then this happened!

It was a little bumpy on the grass so we went over to the flat basketball court.  Quinn was so proud of his first skid mark :)

A beautiful day and a beautiful park to bike.

And there he goes!

He had his share of falls.  Some falls that were awesome and some that were not so awesome and needed a bench break.  

After his last and biggest spill he got back on his bike and biked down to the playgroud.

So proud of this kid!

October 19, 2014 is the day that Quinn learned to ride his bike!

17 October 2014

Homegrown on Underwood Farms

We are finally having some cooler Fall weather.  Quinn has half days all this week so we've been busy with friends in the afternoon.  On Wednesday we went to Underwood Farms with his soccer buddy.  

13 October 2014

When I Grow Up

When (I grow up) I am going to be a programmer.  I want to be a programmer because it is fun.  I will need a mouse and a computer to do my job.  I will work in an Apple Store.  Being a programmer is hard work.  

12 October 2014

It's Time to Party, Minecraft Style!!

Sunday was Quinn's big birthday party!  We picked a place where he had been to parties last year that would be good for both boys and girls and everyone would have fun.  Lots of parents dropped off their kids and everyone had a blast!

This is actually the first year we have done Quinn's party outside our home.  It was nice not to have to worry about too many of the details and to walk away at the end of the party.   There were about 16 out of the 20 kids in Quinn's class there plus a couple of other friends.

Getting all warmed up in the Monkey Room and learning the rules.

Time to slide!

Playing hide and seek.

Scooter's Jungle has so much for the kids to do and you could tell they were starting to get drained by the end of the 90 minutes.

Time for pizza and punch!!!!

Oh the faces!

Quinn's cake was perfectly awesome.  The kids just loved it and I loved not having to stress over making it :)  It's so nice that the room colors matched our birthday color scheme.  

Even the inside of the cake had some minecraft style blocks.

Instead of going home with a goodie bag full of junk, we sent the kids on their way with sugar...a cake pop and a gift certificate to Baskin Robbins.  Lots of happy kids!!

It was such a great group of kids and lots of fun for our special Birthday Boy!