Goodbye Bamboo!

by Amy, October 31, 2014
This was one great car.   Over the 10ish years we've had this car it took us from California, to Seattle, to NJ, and back to California.  Quinn's first ride was in this car.  It took our families to so many places safely and comfortably.  I loved this car and felt a little bit sad about trading it in.   The name of the color was bamboo and it was the perfect name.  Sometimes the car looked green and sometimes tanish and sometimes silverish.  Bye Bambo, you served us well.

And hello Mama Blue.  I've been calling it Mama Blue just because I used to have Baby Blue.  So far we are loving this new car.  It's comfortable to drive and is full of new technology.  It's not too big for our family of 3 but can seat up to 7.  Get used to seeing it because it's going to be around for the next 10 years.

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