Our Weekend in Carlsbad

by Amy, October 07, 2014
I think our new birthday gift to ourselves will be to explore California and find something fun to do for all of us.

Last weekend we went to Carlsbad which was about a 2 1/2 hour drive and is about 15 miles north of San Diego.  We drove down Thursday night so we could have a full day there on Friday.

We woke up to this.  

This one woke up eventually.  

And off we went to Legoland!!

This was the fairy tale boat ride that Quinn didn't want to go on, had a great time on, and then claimed he didn't like this ride :)

We had to pedal our way around on this one.

We left Don in the dust.  

Don and Quinn pulled themselves up to the top of this tower.

Fireman Quinn to the rescue!

Don and Quinn wanted to go on log ride where it said there is a chance that you will get very wet.  I took a pass.

Yep, very wet but they loved it.

It was a great day at Legoland and we all had alot of fun.  I think it might have been our first and last trip there as Quinn was about the top age for most of the stuff.  But a great day!

Of course I had to get my sunset pictures.  A view from our room.

Out on the beach.

A look back at our hotel.  

When I got back to the room it was even more incredible.

Then off to dinner with a Captain Underpants book.

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