Saturday Night Science Carnival

by Amy, November 04, 2014
I heard about this science carnival through one of my Facebook groups.  It was set up in the field of an elementary school and consisted of 50 - 100 tables with science experiments set up by college kids.  It was geared towards kids in K - 8.    We didn't know what to expect but it was pretty awesome.

First stop, compressed air marshmallow shooter.  By the time we left later in the evening that field was full of kids trying to catch the marshmallows.

In this experiment the kids completed the electrical circuit so when they touched a color on the table the matching light bulb lit up.  

Don and Quinn complete the circle.

Shooting a ping pong ball at the speed of light.

This little geek was having so much fun!

Making a motor with a battery, electrical wires, and a magnet.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many girls were involved in the carnival.

Shooting a homemade rocket with compressed air.

So much fun!!!

This homemade stomp rocket travelled further than the "motorized".

Quinn loved this experiment.  Turning sugar in to cotton candy.

Dry ice is always cool.

A look back at the field as we leave.

We are already looking forward to attending next year!

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