31 December 2015

Photo Shoot

For our Christmas Card this year I had a friend (and neighbor) take some pics of Quinn.  She is just starting out her photography business and I wanted to support her (and she lives a couple of houses down from us).  

She has a page on Facebook if you want to check her out.  Her stunning brown haired model is her teen daughter who happens to be Quinn's babysitter too  https://www.facebook.com/carmenanthonyphotography/?fref=ts

I wanted some very simple pics of Quinn (& Sonic) and knew Carmen had a beautiful gray background that would work.  And it worked out perfectly.

Here are some of the other shots from Quinn's photoshoot!

More Christmas Fun

Here are some more photos from our Christmas Day.  I will start with a montage of our opening our gifts.  I set a camera up on a tripod and it snaps a picture every 45 seconds.  Or watch it here on YouTube for a bigger view.    

Yes, 2016 is tomorrow!

Quinn loved throwing all the bows at Don.  

In the early afternoon we got out for a little family hike.  It's one of our favorite flat trails that we can all enjoy and it's not too crowded.

Quinn got a telescope for Christmas and insisted on bringing it along to look for wildlife.  

And every boy needs a walking stick.

Sonic loved being off leash.

Quinn found an awesome tree to climb.

Sonic liked to meander down all the little off paths.  This time he took Quinn.

But once Sonic realized he was separated from his pack, he came tearing back to us.

A really lovely Christmas Day.

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