30 January 2015

A Weekly Wrap-Up

Here's an end of the week wrap up from our house....

I started back with my hiking group this week and so happy to be out there hiking.  It's a great way to start off the week and because of all the rain it is GREEN here!  Such a different landscape.

Here's a picture I took on Monday in Wildwood Park. 

Here's a picture I took of the same park, different vantage point, in November 2014.

We continue to do things around the house.  We hung another row of large matted pictures above the couch in the living room and it really fills the wall space.  

We had a cabinet installed in our little nook area in the dining room.  Don Quixote looks perfect there.  Nice to have him out again.

Quinn and I drew a picture of our family and he hung it in our family room.  He's tall and has a long reach.

Quinn's swimming instructor, Felicia, recommended that Quinn take some group lessons with some older kids to push him a little bit.  It's time to shake things up a little bit.

Sometimes I manage to pack a nice lunch for Quinn.  He loves sour stuff and always eats the baby dills.

On Wednesday morning Quinn woke up and I could tell he was sick.  Coughing and congestion.  Down for the count.   

Or maybe not.  He's sick but still has quite a bit of energy.   This project reminded me of the good old days when Quinn would paint at his easel on Ripley Ave.  He's making a snowmobile.

Here's a throwback.

We baked some chocolate chip cookies.  He pretended he was interested but really was just waiting for the paddle.

He woke up coughing again on Thursday morning.  Not a big fan of the "cherry" flavored cough medicine.

The snow mobile is on the table on the left.

Thursday night he had a fever so no school on Friday.  School policy is 24 hours with no fever.  So we drew a city on a long piece of paper.  Sonic helped.  Or not.  

Quinn seems to be getting worse.  This is what he is doing while I am typing.  He wanted to get in the big bed with his ipad and he has a fever.

I'm not happy that he is sick but I have enjoyed our lazy days together.

25 January 2015

Remote Control Goodness

Quinn and I had some fun racing his Remote Control truck down the fire road on this warm Sunday.  Can you see how green it is here.  A rare treat and just in time for my hiking group to start again.

At the Park

On Thursday Quinn and I made a late trip to the park so he could race his R/C car.  He took this car all the way around the park .  The dogs especially loved him :)

He ended up meeting a couple of boys so we stayed much later than expected.

I took the opportunity to catch the changing sky.

In the LBC

On Saturday we took a trip to the LBC....Long Beach County...to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Our first stop was lunch on the water.  A view of the Queen Mary from our table.  It was at about this point when I was dreaming of spending the weekend here.

That might be a nice place to stay :)

We made it in to the aquarium just in time to give high fives to the divers!

Taller than an Emporor Penguin.  Can you tell Q dressed himself today?  And did I mention that it was 85 degrees today?  Loving SoCal.

I don't know that I've ever seen a Dragon Fish before (I think that's what they are called).

Our boy is styling!

We took a quick walk around the lighthouse before heading home.  Sonic was at Doggy Day Care and we needed to get him before 7 pm.

My guys, high and low.

The aquarium from the parking lot.

22 January 2015

Never Forget my Buddy

With tears in his eyes, he said "Mom, I told Sonic that I would never forget him".