27 February 2015

Fireside Chat

Quick Escape

Today I didn't have much planned for the day so I made a quick solo escape.

I had heard there was a field of lupins blooming nearby.  Lupins immediately remind me of my grandmother and Prince Edward Island.  Lupins were one of her favorite flowers and colorfully line the two lane roads on PEI.   They were a beautiful sight.

In my search for the lupins, I found a new way to get to the sea for some salty, briny air.

A look out and a look behind.

A look ahead.

On my way home I discovered some new to me parks.  I don't remember California ever being this green and beautiful.  I know it's short lived so I am taking it in.

Thanks California, I needed this quick escape.

23 February 2015

A Green Hike

I love starting my Monday's off with my hiking group and was pleased we hiked today despite the rainy weather.

This was a new to me hike and it was beautiful and green and really enjoyable.  A vista over Camarillo and Oxnard and out to the Pacific Ocean.  Notice the wildflowers coming in.

This looks over the Santa Rosa Valley towards Moorpark and beyond.  I wouldn't be surprised if those clouds in the distance were dropping snow on those mountains.  A couple times a year you can see snow covered mountains in the distance.

And a view back over towards Thousand Oaks.   The clouds were like a painting.

Rainy Day

Rainy Sundays make us happy.  Reading books and watching movies.    

And taking some macro photos.

 While he kept an eye on me.

19 February 2015

Field Trip

Quinn's class had their first field trip to Westlake High School to see a performance of Snow White.  It was a quick trip, about 2 hours total.  

When we arrived we saw our neighbor and Quinn's babysitter Maddy.  She had the role of Snow White but she performed the day before.

Quinn and Zach waiting for the performance to start.  The performance was fun and silly and kept the kids entertained.

Quinn's buddy Nate volunteered to go up on stage and that's him third on the right.  His mom says he never misses a chance to perform.

18 February 2015

After School Buddies


Quinn asked to play baseball this year so we got him signed up with the Thousand Oaks Little League.  This year all the kids had to try out and then the coaches drafted their players.  Nobody is cut and the goal is to spread the talent fairly among the teams.

We were so pleased when we were assigned our coach, Coach Ken.  We had seen him in action last year and he was so good.  The kids seemed to know the skills and the coach was very positive and encouraging.   He also coaches high school football and is a teacher.

Quinn has practice twice a week right now.  The coach is great about setting up different stations for drills so that the kids aren't standing in line waiting to hit, throw, etc.  He also encourages the parents to be involved in the practices.

Here's Quinn doing a drill with Coach Chris with Coach Don is the way background throwing grounders.

This year they hit from machine pitched balls which has proved to be challenging for Quinn.  Each player takes a turn being catcher.  Here's our boy all suited up to catch (with lots of help from Coach Dan).  

We have had to do alot of re-arranging with our schedules to get to practices but so far it's been great.  A great coach makes for a great season.

A Weekend in Carlsbad

We enjoyed a three day Valentine's weekend in Carlsbad.  We were originally planning on going to a beach north of us for the weekend but I couldn't find any available rooms.  That same day the Beach Terrace Inn in Carlsbad sent an promotional email about Family Valentine's Weekend in Carlsbad.  Decision made!

Saturday the temp was in the 80's so we planned a beach day and it was pretty glorious.    The view from our room. 

Obligatory sunset shots.

Family selfie on our way to dinner.

We knew we wanted to spend Valentine's at the Pizza Port which has picnic tables and is loud and fun.

Sunday we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and made a stop in La Jolla to see the seals.

It's pretty amazing that people are swimming and snorkeling around the coves with the seals and sea lions.

As we headed south all the little beach towns were extremely crowded.  We ended up finding a deli on Harbor Island which is across from the San Diego airport.  We enjoyed our quiet respite.

We had planned to go in to San Diego but at this point we were done and ready to head back to quiet Carlsbad.  A view of San Diego from Harbor Island.

When we got back to our hotel the fog was rolling in.  

It looked like it may burn off.

A view down the beach towards the Carlsbad power plant.  The smoke stack is part of the Carlsbad skyline but is soon going to be torn down and the power plant is moving.

The fog keeps rolling in.

One last look before we head home on Monday.