30 May 2015

Peaceful Reader

29 May 2015


26 May 2015

LA Zoo

LA Zoo was not la fantastique.

We had not been before so Don, Quinn, and I...and the rest of LA not at the beach decided to go to the zoo.  It was crowded and not so great.  But we've been and never need to go again.

The boys dress code was red shirt with animal on it and blue shorts.

25 May 2015

Weekend Pool Party

This weekend we decided to heat the pool so we could fully enjoy it.  We will see the results in our bills next month but we have spent much more time in the pool this weekend than we normally would.  

The pool was about 64 degrees before we heated it.

Part of Quinn's Son's Day wish was for a Family Pool Party.  So be it.  Friday Night Pool Party.

Sonic gets very concerned when you disappear under water.  He becomes Search & Rescue Buddy and will swim around looking for you.   He's keeping an eye on Quinn under the water.

Sunday Funday.  Sonic loves to eat chomp at squirting water.

Sonic always makes a huge jump in to the water.  It all came very natural to him.  It's in his bones.  

Last year we had to be very careful with Sonic and Quinn in the water because Sonic would jump on Quinn (and us).  Now Sonic likes to stay close but there are no issues.

Son's Day

Remember last year when Quinn started the new tradition of Son's Day.  Well he remembered this year and we had to look up the exact date.  May 22.  Thank you blog.  

He asked for another Imaginext toy and a YES day.  So it was.

How we start every day.

Checking out his new toy.

His friends were intrigued by this Son's Day and the thought of getting a new toy.  So we had Nate over after school to check out the new toy and read some books and eat some popcorn.

We ended the day with a Family Pool Party.  More to come.

21 May 2015

Happy 15 Years!

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last Wednesday with a baseball game.  Wahoo!  Then we did it right on Saturday night and went to one of our favorite LA restaurants AOC.

On our way in to the city.

Their famous bacon wrapped dates.  To Die For!

A look at the restaurant.

A look at Don's shirt.

One Wonderful Evening and 15 Spectacular Years.

Baby Shower

It's been a couple of busy weeks for me with school stuff.  Last week was teacher's appreciation week and this week we had a baby shower for Quinn's teacher.  As Room Parent I most of l the planning and worrying :)

For the baby shower, with the help of the kids and other parents I put together a memory book for Mrs. Cano.  We also gave her some cute baby stuff and a gift card.  And of course we had sweet treats to make everyone happy.

Here's the book we gave her:

Each kid had a page that looked similar to this with their baby predictions.

And the last couple of pages of the book.  That goose is the class mascot, Steve.

Happy to have this behind me so I can start worrying about some new stuff!

Open House at Lang Ranch

Last week Quinn's school, Lang Ranch, had it's Open House.  A chance for new parents to see the school and existing families to see the kids work in their own grade and take a peak at future grades.  

I haven't seen much artwork come home with Quinn and tonight was a bonanza.  We got to see everything they have been working on and also got a folder with everything from the year.

Here's a peak at the work they did for the open house.  

19 May 2015

Lazy Dog