Weekend Pool Party

25 May 2015

This weekend we decided to heat the pool so we could fully enjoy it.  We will see the results in our bills next month but we have spent much more time in the pool this weekend than we normally would.  

The pool was about 64 degrees before we heated it.

Part of Quinn's Son's Day wish was for a Family Pool Party.  So be it.  Friday Night Pool Party.

Sonic gets very concerned when you disappear under water.  He becomes Search & Rescue Buddy and will swim around looking for you.   He's keeping an eye on Quinn under the water.

Sunday Funday.  Sonic loves to eat chomp at squirting water.

Sonic always makes a huge jump in to the water.  It all came very natural to him.  It's in his bones.  

Last year we had to be very careful with Sonic and Quinn in the water because Sonic would jump on Quinn (and us).  Now Sonic likes to stay close but there are no issues.

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