18 June 2015

Shades of Summer

A perfect Gak color for summer.

Some fun excavating hidden objects.

We got some new books and Quinn dug right in.  Always in a funny spot.

Helping me with his laundry.  

Sonic makes the best pillow and that's where Q frequently like to read....wherever Sonic lays.

A little funny from Quinn's Big Nate book.  The Jefferson math geeks are the geekiest geeks.  Look at their names :)

14 June 2015

10 am

Hello Summer!!

It must be summer if I am picking figs from our neighbors fig tree!

  Playdates with school buddies! (Despite his face, he was having fun.)

 Running errands with mom and trying to look and stay cool :)

Taking Sonic back to the vet because his eye isn't healing.  Now on steroids.  Our dogs always seem to get sick right before we go on vacation.

Some fun in the pool.  I am loving our new underwater camera.  

I'm pretty sure that was a spot of water on the lens but Quinn insists it means that he is The Sun God.

12 June 2015

Last Day of 1st Grade

I decided to document the last day of 1st Grade from the beginning of our day until the end.  So here we go.

We have had a dog with an upset belly and this morning he woke up with a swollen face and an eye swollen shut.  A vet visit will be part of my morning.  Oh and June Gloom has officially arrived!

Getting my buddies going.

 First day of 1st Grade and last day of 1st Grade.

An older brother making a movie.

Braeden, Zach, and Quinn.

Mrs. Cano.  

Can't forget our lunchbox on the last day of school.  Let's get the buddy, a chocolate bar, and go home to give the buddy some TLC.

My headless buddies.

Don got a new pair of shoes from Barbara.  They are much brighter than posted on the store's website.  But Don is going to let them fade in the sun.

We got a new underwater camera in anticipation of our trip.  It has many cool features.

Using up some of those water balloons.

Good Night to Quinn's Last Day of 1st Grade!

10 June 2015

Last Days of 1st Grade

It's been such a great year at Lang Ranch Elementary.  Both Quinn and I have made so many new friends and it's great to be part of a growing community.

This is the last week of school so the 1st Grade classes had a planned party at a nearby park within walking distance.  It was a day for fun and food and water balloons.  Rather than have the parents spend hours filling up the water balloons I bought a Bunch o Balloons that will fill 100 water balloons in less than 1 minute.  And it worked as advertised!

And then it rained for the first time in months and months.  So no park party.  Instead the room parents organized some in-school activities for all the 1st Grade classes.

There was a break in the rain so a fun water balloon toss.

Spinning in circles....

running down the hall....

and doing 10 jumping jacks.

The kids still had pizza, fruit, and cookies for lunch and it was a very fun day for them.

Home with the buddy.

Last day of 1st Grade carpooling before his buddy heads overseas.

Wednesday was Field Day with lots of relay races.

And water fun.  Throwing wet sponges and trying to get them in the strainer on the head.

Teachers and parents getting revenge!

Then on to basketball.  If they made a basket, they got the number of points on the square.

Quinn and his buddy Eric with cute girlies getting in the picture.

Quinn only has a half day on Thursday and he's officially a 2nd Grader.