25 August 2015

Scenes from July

A California Road Runner running across our driveway

Our little dog whisperer loves going to the park and petting all the dogs.  One of his favorites is that tiny white dog Romeo.

Enjoying miso soup and a california roll.

He bet his dad that he could sleep in a pillow case all night.  If he did, he got to pick one new app.  He won.

He has his giant bug-o-pedia book and his junior entomologist shirt and is ready for the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum.

Nothing like huge rocks all over the place with a sign that says CLIMB.  His favorite.

Now at the library park with his giant bug-o-pedia book.

We have made many trips to the library this summer and have checked out lots and lots of books.  It's been a good summer of reading.

Down to Ventura for some fresh sea air and play.

These two Parkour wherever they go.

And this happened.

Quinn went to a Science Space Camp in July and also to a Parkour camp for just a couple of mornings.  It was pretty cool.

Mornings in our house.

A self portrait by Q.  He learned how to use the timer.

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