08 October 2015

A Day at Getty Villa

While Grams was here we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu.  They have a family friendly tour where the kids use an ipod to tour the villa.  Quinn had so much fun hunting out the rooms and the names of the tours were Villains, Monsters, and Heroes.  It was alot of fun for us adults too.

The Villa is JP Getty's dream of recreating of an ancient villa that was buried by Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.  It's designed to feel like you are entering a (very nice) excavation site with multiple striations of earth, stone, etc.

The security wasn't too keen about Quinn setting the ipad down on the antiquities :)

A look out to the gorgeous gardens.  Because of the draught all of the water features were turned off.  

Don hamming it up.

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