10 October 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Mighty Quinn!

It's been quite a week for our Mighty Quinn with his birthday party last weekend and gifts and fun all this week.  He has really stretched out a good long birthday week....and we still have the weekend to celebrate!

Quinn celebrated with Grams before she left.

He loved the Amphibious R/C car that can go right in to the pool.  Thanks Grams!!

Birthday morning wouldn't be complete without balloons and a present (a pair of Heelys).

And a specially decorated birthday lunch box for our Brofist with mom's amazing sandwich!

A slow start to his morning.  Yes, his new favorite place to sleep.

And we are out the door with a new pair of Heelys on his feet and one of his favorite Captain Underpants books.

Home and ready for cake!!  My two favorite guys doing their best Brofist!

Quinn asked for a Captain Underpants birthday cake so that's what he got!  And it turned out super cute and gluten free!

And opening a couple more presents!  Quinn is only opening a couple of presents a day and he is really enjoying each and every one.  You can see the Nerf Target hanging on the window  from Lucas and family.  A new favorite.

And of course I know what kind of card will make the kid smile.  A Diary of a Wimpy Kid Loded Diper!!

Happy Birthday Mighty Quinn!  You are loved so very much.

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