28 January 2016

California Hiker by Quinn

ps....he has been asking my to post this for him for a while and today is the day.  This is his California Hiker Series.

24 January 2016

One Two Tie Your Shoes!

Look who has learned how to tie his shoes!  Wahoo!

20 January 2016

MLK Weekend

Quinn has been asking to go to a Monster Jam Truck Rally for a while so I went searching for tickets and found that it would be in Anaheim over this 3 day weekend.  Mae got us all tickets for Christmas so off we went.

We decided to make a full weekend out of it and stayed in Anaheim that night.  

The event was at Angel Stadium.

We had watched videos on You Tube so we knew a little of what to expect.  First thing all the monster trucks come rumbling out to fireworks.

The first even is a one-on-one race around the track.  If you take the corner too quickly or clip a car you might end up on your side.

Quinn was having a great time.  We knew to get some headphones before hand and they came in handy.  It was LOUD!

The second big event was freestyle.  The trucks went over the ramps as high as they could.  It was about being as dangerous as possible without flipping the truck or getting hurt.  However the bigger the tragedy the greater the applause :)

This was the last truck to go. He not only popped off a tire but he ended up on his back.  Being the last truck he got a huge firework salute.

I have to say we had a great time.  There were lots of families and kids and it was a fun event. This was our favorite part of the night.  El Toro Loco in the freestyle event.  He came over to our side of the stadium and did a back flip and then blew smoke out his "nostrils" at us.  The crowd went nuts!!!  Fast forward to about 2:10 to see the flip.

As much as we loved our evening in Anaheim, I was really looking forward to a couple of days in Huntington Beach. 

We were fortunate that the hotel let us check in around 10:30 am so we could dump our stuff and go on an adventure.

From our room.  Ocean view, they say. 

Quinn is currently into Origami Yoda, yes origami yoda.  It's a series of books and he has turned in to an origami making machine.  Origami in the courtyard and by the pool.

There was a bridge from the hotel right to the beach.  

On the pier.

Pelican in rest.

We looked for a geocache on the pier and the hint was "yuck".  Yes, it was a tiny cache stuck in some fake gum.  Yuck is right!

Proof I was there :)

There was a slight downslope leaving the pier and Quinn navigated his way through the crowds like a boss.

Another geocache was found near this (naked) surfer statue.

Down time.

I went out by myself to check out the sunset.

If you didn't know this, I love intentionally out of focus images especially at the beach.

The sunset wasn't spectacular by the sky was so lovely.

The hotel.

Sunday we walked back in to town, had some coffee, and then back to the hotel to sit by a firepit and eat dippin dots.  The pools are heated but the weather wasn't really conducive to getting out of a pool.

Overall just a great weekend of relaxation.  Much needed.

Twins Day!

Last Friday was Twins Day at school and one of Quinn's classmates asked to 'twin' with him so they 'twin-ed'!

15 January 2016


Last night Quinn did not want to go to bed.  Just one of those nights.  

By the time he got in bed he was not so happy and a little bit teary.  We talked a little and he said he had a horrible day at school.  "The teachers make us memorize all this useless information.  And everybody knows that in the future we will all have robots who will store all this information for us."  

This kid.   

Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is coming up and Quinn got his block of wood to make his derby car.  Don and Quinn worked on it over the weekend and it's ready to go.  I'll post more pics of their car later.  

Cutting down their block of wood.  Not sure why Quinn chose not to wear a shirt.

They filed down the wheels so the car would run smoother.  Here they are checking out the wheels to see if they are smooth.

14 January 2016

Around Here

Quinn and I like to go to an italian bakery in Moorpark for gelato and pastries.  They also make a mean (and beautiful) cappucino.

After school chill time with his buddy.

Quinn has become quite a little helper in the kitchen.  He claims to be getting pretty good at slicing with the little knife.

And making his own pizza.  It's amazing how much he will eat when he makes it himself.  I guess his cooking is better than mine ;)

Before school reading with his buddy.   This kid reads so many books I have a hard time keeping him supplied.

Gorgeous winter sunrises.

I completed my Project Life album for 2015 and getting going on 2016.  Love this project!