28 February 2016

Sonic's Beach Day

We started our Saturday morning with a stop at In-n-Out but this time we brought the buddy.  He has turned in to quite the well-behaved dog.

Quinn snapped our picture from up high.

8-year old selfie.

Then we took Sonic for a special treat.  An off-leash dog beach.  This was his first trip to the ocean and he loved it!  He loves being off leash and there were lots of other dogs to play with and sniff.

Look at his happy face!

Sonic loved jumping in the ocean but had a hard time figuring out the ball would be carried by the waves.   The surf was pretty rough today so we didn't throw it out too far.

Quinn had a great time too, he even spent some time mining.

Boys and their dog.

26 February 2016

Presidents Day at Leo Carrillo

We met some friends on the President's Day Monday at Leo Carrillo for a little beach fun.  I think all of SoCal had the same idea but we got there early enough to really enjoy.

The great thing about Leo Carrillo is that there are so many things to keep the kids busy.  Like climbing rocks.

Quinn wasn't so sure he wanted to get in but once he did he was loving the boogie boarding.  

It was such a beautiful day.

Climbing out on the rocks to check out the tide pools.    We always try and get there at low tide to see what the ocean has left behind.

Quinn and his buddy Hayden.

Also in February

Quinn's class had a Valentines Party and I helped with some of the activities.  Here I am with my wild-haired boy.  

The crazy class!

A fresh hair cut, Grams, and a new light sabre set.  

Don and I celebrated Valentines Day a little early so we had a family Valentines Dinner out at Hook Burger followed by some gelato and a game of chess.

I call this masterpiece...cloud, moon, plane. 

 A new favorite pre and post school activity.

Sonic and an empty jar of peanut butter.  One of his favorite treats.  

And he's sick again with the same fever and congestion.  Passed out on the couch.  

Our Weekend at Paramount Ranch & Ventura

There is an old movie set not too far from us called Paramount Ranch.  It's not used much anymore but a fun place to visit.

There's a whole western town set up there that you can walk around.  The buildings aren't generally open but a really lovely place.  It's a popular sight for photographers.

We were about to head out for a short hike and then Quinn barfed.  So much for that.  Heading home....

On Sunday we took our bikes down to Ventura for a nice ride along the ocean.

We love to stop at this spot and walk on the pipes.  You can see the smoke from a fire or something off in the background.

Next stop, playground.

All the high surf lately has left the beach very rocky and has closed the pier.

Quinn found this heart shaped rock and gave it to me.  My sweet boy.

Cub Scout Hike

Quinn's cub scout troop meets once every 3 weeks and this week was a hike out in Wildwood.    They had been learning about maps, compasses, and the basic necessities for hiking.  So it was time to put it to the test.

Getting their marching orders.  Is anyone paying attention?

Out we go.

They had a really great time and it was lots of fun.

Origami Everywhere

Quinn is thoroughly obsessed with origami.

There's a nice lady at the Barnes & Noble that helps me pick out books for Quinn.  It all started with The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (not pictured here) and it grew from there.

One night he left me a sweet origami bird in the bathroom.

There is origami everywhere.  I had to create a place for him to store all of it...not on my dresser.

A pile of origami finger puppets!  I think Don may have drawn some of these faces.

A house filled with origami love!

Grams and Pams Visit

It was so nice to have Grams and Pam come for a visit and escape the cold February East Coast.  The day they arrived Quinn was down for the count with a fever.  

We took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to get a little ocean air.

We dragged Quinn along in his pj's.

Pam and I dropped Quinn off at school and went up to Santa Barbara for a walk around the downtown area and lunch on the pier.  

Oyster Shooters!!

A hike up behind our house with The Buddy.

Pam and I went down to Long Beach one day to check out a Princess Diana exhibit on the Queen Mary.  Here's a view from the boat.  I love the snow capped mountains in the background.

Fun photos on the Queen Mary with my sis!

A look back to the Queen Mary after lunch.

One last picture with Quinn before Aunt Pammy has to go home :(

In the meantime we all got to work making Origami Yoda Valentine's for Quinn's Valentines Party.