Our Weekend at Paramount Ranch & Ventura

26 February 2016

There is an old movie set not too far from us called Paramount Ranch.  It's not used much anymore but a fun place to visit.

There's a whole western town set up there that you can walk around.  The buildings aren't generally open but a really lovely place.  It's a popular sight for photographers.

We were about to head out for a short hike and then Quinn barfed.  So much for that.  Heading home....

On Sunday we took our bikes down to Ventura for a nice ride along the ocean.

We love to stop at this spot and walk on the pipes.  You can see the smoke from a fire or something off in the background.

Next stop, playground.

All the high surf lately has left the beach very rocky and has closed the pier.

Quinn found this heart shaped rock and gave it to me.  My sweet boy.

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