30 June 2016

Penny on My Nose

Griffith Observatory

This past Sunday we made our first visit to the Griffith Observatory.  You go through downtown LA to get there an it's set up on a hill high above Hollywood.  Up near the Hollywood sign.

It seemed that everyone had the same idea because it was pretty crowded.  But the building itself and the location were stunning.  

As we were walking up to the building, Quinn had such a big smile on his face and gave me the biggest hug and said "I LOVE SCIENCE!".

Don set up this fun shot.  My photoshop skills aren't the best so it's a little rough around the edges.

We had to find a geocache while we were there so we made a quick pitstop on our way to the car.

This picture does no justice to how magnificent this building looks sitting high on the hill.

24 June 2016


This week Quinn and I went on a 2 day/2 night moms & kids trip to Disneyland and California Adventure.   My friend, also an Amy, is a Disney pro so we followed her lead and she never steered us wrong.

We got an early start on Tuesday morning at 5:15 am so we could be at the gates when the parked opened.  

Look at all of these over joyed faces at California Adventure!  Hayden, Quinn, Hayden's sister, and her friend.   

Radiator Springs!  We both dressed our boys in very bright colors so they were easy to spot.  A special "mom trick" that we had not discussed in advance.

Getting ready for Toy Story Mania!  One of our favorites.

Taking a quick water and snack break before we get back on the Radiator Spring Racing ride.  More happy kids.

Our motley crew on the ride.

My favorite roller coaster ever!  Quinn wouldn't ride it with me on this visit so it was just me and Hayden's sister.  We loved it!

The Amy's...photo courtesy of Hayden.

Quinn needed a break while the others continued riding.

We took a nice mid-afternoon break back at the hotel and then returned to the park for dinner and more rides.

We saved Grizzly River Run for the last ride of the night because "you may get wet".  Well, we all got soaking wet...except Hayden.  Quinn wasn't so pleased :)

The next morning we were up early so we could get to Disneyland at 7:30 am.  Our first ride was Hyperspace Mountain (formerly known as Space Mountain).  The last time we went on this ride 3 years ago Quinn was not a fan.  Let's just say he's still not a fan.

But we love the Star Tours ride.  It's like being in an episode of Star Wars.  Quinn and I rode it 4 times over the course of the day thanks to the small crowds and Amy's ingenuity.

Quinn was in a bit of a funk in the morning but perked up on the Jungle Cruise!  It was fun and funny.

We took another mid-day break and went back to the hotel for a nice long nap before returning to the park for the parade, fireworks, and more rides.

I was taking this selfie of Quinn and I when a Disney employee offered to take our picture.

My favorite picture from the trip.

Amy (not me) knew exactly where to go to get front row seats for the parade and fireworks.  It was a great show and the kids loved it!

The castle at night.

We rode some more rides and got back to the hotel and in bed around midnight.  It was an epic day.   And it was just so much easier having Amy as our personal tour guide who knew exactly when and where to go.   Quinn didn't love alot of the rides so we sat out quite a few but we both still had a great time.  Another great summer adventure.

Cub Scout Camp

The week right after school let out Quinn went to Cub Scout camp all week at a new-to-us local park.  The camp is all outside in the park and he came home exhausted every day!

First day, playing catch with his Den Chief.

'All Camp' closing ceremonies on the first day.

The parents are required to volunteer so my day was Thursday.  Quinn with a buddy climbing a tree.

Quinn's favorite part of the camp was going to the archery range and the BB Gun range.

Each den rotated through an activity every 45 minutes.  This was a game of cricket and not a big hit with the boys!

Back at the den for lunch.  There were about 10 boys in Quinn's group from about 3 different cub scout dens.

Bottle rockets were a big hit!

Closing ceremonies.  All the boys in the camp.

Overall a fun and tiring week but he earned lots and lots of cub scout pins!!