28 July 2016

Heading East

Quinn and I headed East to visit the family and friends.

On our way...

There are no fireflies on the West Coast so catching them is quite a treat.  

And then releasing them...

It was pretty hot while we were there so we escaped to a cool movie theater to see The BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

Quinn loves animals and especially dogs!  We took mom's neighbors dog, Ada, for a walk and Quinn says to me "There sure are alot of seniors around here!".  Ha ha!  I explained it was an over 55 community.

He spent many hours putting together this 500 piece Lego set.

Catching up with the cousins at Pam & Jeff's.

Our animal lover.

Have you heard about the Pokemon Go craze?  Well, we're doing it a little bit but not we are not crazed.  A good way to add some fun to a park visit.  Oh, and that's Quinn in the background petting a dog.

We spent the day with Stacey & Sullivan at their house in Williamsport.  Happy boy.

Pam walks every Tuesday around a local lake so I met her for 2.5+ mile walk.  It was quite beautiful!

And our traditional crabfest.  Mom, Pam, Sandy and I at Sandy's house.  The before picture.

And after.  

Oh, and the during.

Playing chinese checkers with Grams.

The youngest and oldest.  Only 19 years between them.

And it's time to say goodbye.  We never like to leave.

We took the train up to NJ for the weekend.  As soon as we got into town we met Sundance friends for FroYo.

Later Danielle and I left the boys with Kevin, went to my favorite restaurant A Toute Heure,  and had a sleepover at the quiet hotel.

Quinn & Kaiden.  Going to the beach.  This cracks me up.

Big Handsome Lucas.

The beach club at sunset.

The next day was full of this.  But they were happy.

NJ Pizza.  Yes, please!!

One last dinner at Fujiyama Mama and a great big group hug for all the boys before it's time to go home!

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