28 October 2016


Now that Quinn is a 2nd Degree Yellow Belt in Taekwondo he gets to do contact sparring.  Basically kicking and punching each other with lots of gear on.

We just got all of his gear and gave it a test run at home first.    Ready to kick some butt!

And the real thing the next day.  In this match, he was paired up with another 2nd degree yellow belt.  A girl who's probably a foot taller and a couple of years older.  And she's one tough girl!

In the course of a 45 minute class, they probably have about 6 - 8 matches and switch partners almost every time.  He will fight kids bigger, smaller, less skilled, more skilled, etc, etc.   After the class was over he said he was "wrecked"!  But he had a great attitude especially with this being so far outside of his comfort zone.  So proud of this guy!

27 October 2016

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Why would this picture bring me to tears?

Because after almost 9 years, Quinn decided that he's done with his special chair.   It's totally OK with me (sniff sniff!).  

I remember buying this chair in Seattle when we lived in our temp housing downtown.  A little flashback of cuteness in this chair.

The chair is designed to grow with the child and can hold up to 300 pounds.  I have so many happy memories when I think of this chair and all the meals, crafts, and fun we had while he was parked in the chair.  I think we made the most of this chair and it will go down as one of our best baby purchases!!  

15 October 2016

Quinn's 9th Birthday Party!

Quinn had his birthday party at this awesome place called The Stadium.  It's a huge facility and we happened to be the only party there.  Wahoo!  Quinn invited all the boys in his class plus a couple of friends.  There were 13 boys in all.

The main attraction was laser tag.   Even Don got in the action.

The boys were fired up and ready to go.

Can you tell they were going wild?

After a couple of rounds of laser tag it was time for PIZZA!

Quinn wanted a Terraria cake after one of his favorite video games.

Eyeball cake pops for party favors.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Our birthday boy is 9!!

After cake, the boys went in to the video game room where there are huge screen tv's and lots and lots of video games to play.  The boys did not want to leave.  We may have run over the party time by about 45 minutes but everyone was having so much fun!  Yay to a very fun birthday party.

14 October 2016

Apple Store Field Trip

Quinn's class had a field trip to the Apple Store.  You  might say the kids were pretty excited.  His class was the only 3rd grade class that makes this trip (not sure why).  Moms & Dads taxi'd the kids there and back.

The purpose of the trip was to create an iMovie based on a book they read.  The Apple store employees gave them a quick demo and then they got to work.  Here's Quinn and his buddy Dan.

13 October 2016

Cool Dude

12 October 2016


It's been 3 years since we've seen Ross, Tamara, Sami & Ty and we were way overdue.  Grams was going out to Boise so Quinn and I decided to crash the party too.

What was Quinn most excited about?  Playing video games with his cousins.  

We got to see Sami in action playing for the varsity girls soccer team.  The Lady Vikes!   Sami is a senior this year so her last year playing.  Here they are lining up and ready to play.

A little diversion.

Sami had a great game with some really good plays.  Here's the family post game.

The gang is all here!  A little morning couch time watching sports.   

Quinn loved the dogs, Z and Loki.  This is cute little Loki.


Weightlifting out in the Man Cave.

And his first (with many to follow) birthday celebration!

October 9....and he's 9!!  Special birthday pancakes with sprinkles by Aunt Tamara.

Family pictures.  Sami is turning 18 in a couple of days and will be off to college next year.  So gotta capture them together while I can.

Missing my favorite sister!!

Quinn is 9!

Happy Birthday Quinn!   You are one amazing, funny, smart, clever kid and we love you so much!

Quinn left Idaho as an 8 year old and arrived in California as a 9 year old. His birthday at 2:15 pm was midair somewhere over Nevada.  Snap a Pic!

Don did some great ballooning and wrapping so that Quinn would come home to this birthday surprise!  

Looking cool in his new Minecraft hoodie!

And an Oreo Cookie Polar Pizza for the win!