15 November 2016

School Stuff

Quinn's school had their annual Jog A Thon where the kids run laps around the sports field in November 90 degree heat.  For some reason the jog a thon always falls on a hot hot day.

Quinn's class before the run.

Quinn getting his laps marked.  In previous years the kids had to run a certain number of laps to get a free Baskin Robins card but this year they just had to collect a donation.  Ha!  So I encouraged Quinn to fully participate but not worry about the number of laps he ran.   

After the race.  It was a hot one.

I volunteered for the morning shift and handed out post race popsicles!

The kids also rotate through various arts programs and they just finished up their drama rotation and did a cute little play for the parents.  The play was on Monday :)  It was the Little Red Hen and Quinn played a cat.

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