31 January 2017

Hammer Time

This past Sunday was free museum day throughout Los Angeles.  So we thought we would be smart and go to a free museum on Saturday.

We went to the Hammer Museum.  The good news was that it wasn't crowded at all.  The bad news was that most of the exhibits weren't open until the following day.  But that's OK, it was still a spectacular spot.

The highlight of the trip was probably these Spun Chairs.    Don and Quinn taking a spin.

Amy and Quinn taking a spin.  My face says it all!  And look at that totally casual lady right next to me.  Ha!

And they sell these in the gift shop.  Only $750.

29 January 2017

Our Dude

Quinn's teacher encourages the kids to bring their ipads to school.  They have to store them in bins but she uses them for learning.  She had a list of apps that we added before he took it to school.  I have mixed feelings about it, but the kids certainly love their teacher because of this (and for many other reasons).

I found this selfie on the ipad the other day that he had taken at school.  And I occasionally get texts from him at school, which I love.  

He constantly tells me that 3rd graders should not be doing Algebra.  Ha ha!  He thinks the math homework is too hard for a 3rd grader.  But he does it.  With some apples and almond butter.  

Here's a close up look at his homework.  They are working on division.  Word problems.  Yuck!

28 January 2017

TKD on International Night

On Friday night Quinn's school had their annual International Night.  It was quite a beautiful sight to see the diversity at his school.  Countries represented included Iran, Mexico, Guatemala, Scotland, Korea, India, China and more.

Quinn's taekwondo studio represented Korea in their performance.  We are so proud of Quinn for volunteering to participate in this demo and going to all the extra practices that were required.   So very proud.

The kids practice without the boards so some of them had a tough time breaking the boards.  If you want to get right to the point where Quinn crushes it, fast forward to 2:30.

TKD at Lang Ranch from amy white on Vimeo.

Filling Up

Last weekend we got so much rain that our pool was filling up faster than it was draining.  I took this picture right before Don set up a pump to start pumping some water out of the pool.  Too much rain...never enough rain in California!

27 January 2017

Pinewood Derby

Time for the annual Pinewood Derby.  Don and Quinn worked on a car that was pretty simple in looks.  They called it Fast & Ugly!

Quinn and his buddies Ryan and Hayden. 

The official weighing in of each car.  Each boy had to pick a team name and the scout master thought Quinn said Team Winn.

Off to the races.  First race, Team Winn vs. Team White Lightning.   They did a round robin so everyone got to race each other one on one.

The top two cars going head to head.  The boys would release the cars and them run to the finish!  It was a pretty fun night.

And the winner with a 6-0 record, Team Winn!

He was pretty darned happy!

And the dad was pretty happy too!

22 January 2017

Women's March

This was important to us.  
Standing up for what we believe is right.    
Letting Quinn march for his beliefs.  
Peaceful protest.

Quinn picked out this shirt to wear.  Make America Smart Again.   

It was so empowering to be there with 750,000 Angelenos of every age, race, sex, and color.  

Just amazing to be part of this.

Little Tokyo

On Friday night we stayed in downtown LA in anticipation of the Women's March the following morning.  Hotels were pretty booked but we found a room in Little Tokyo.  We were just down in that area last weekend so we knew it would be a good place.

We really wanted to try out Kula Revolving Sushi Bar.  Last weekend the wait was 2 hours but we got there early enough that we didn't have to wait too long.

The sushi went revolving by you on the lower belt or you could place a special order on the tablet and it would come zooming down to you on the upper belt.  

All the plates were pretty small and $2.25/plate so we got to try lots of different things.  When we ordered Quinn's California Roll we mentioned that it had crab in it.  For some reason, it just doesn't taste the same now and Quinn's not so sure about the crab.  Although he did say he would still order it at our favorite local sushi joint.

When you're done with a plate, you pop it in this plate disposal device and it adds a plate to your bill.

If you order 15 plates you get a special prize that automatically comes down the clear shoot.  Quinn was so excited to get a California Roll Sushi Pen!

It was our first revolving sushi experience and we loved it!!

19 January 2017

This and That

Quinn gave his old bike to his buddy Hayden so we went out for a test drive on Sunday.  And then they climbed a tree.

Quinn's new obsession.   I'm sure you will be seeing much more of this in blog posts to come.

I am obsessed with winter sunsets and you will be seeing more of these too.

Quinn and his cub scout den had a tour of our local police station.  The boys had so many questions about the jail and the inmates.  

18 January 2017


You might have seen the post on FaceBook about our ride down the SkySlide.  It's a new glass slide 70 stories up that recently opened in downtown LA.

Quinn says that he is afraid of heights so I wasn't quite sure how this was going to go.  Look at that face!

They make it pretty easy to access.  Here's the top of the slide.

I went first.

Then Quinn.

There may have been a couple of terrified screams from him coming down the slide but he was happy he did it.

Then Don.

A look at the slide from another angle.

Some pics from the observation deck.

The ocean was a beautiful, shiny gold.

 The Hollywood sign in the distance.

Snow on the mountains.

After the slide we walked to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) about a mile away.  And then walked through Little Tokyo on the way back to the car.    We also had an uneasy walk through skidrow at sunset but we made it.