Our Dude

29 January 2017

Quinn's teacher encourages the kids to bring their ipads to school.  They have to store them in bins but she uses them for learning.  She had a list of apps that we added before he took it to school.  I have mixed feelings about it, but the kids certainly love their teacher because of this (and for many other reasons).

I found this selfie on the ipad the other day that he had taken at school.  And I occasionally get texts from him at school, which I love.  

He constantly tells me that 3rd graders should not be doing Algebra.  Ha ha!  He thinks the math homework is too hard for a 3rd grader.  But he does it.  With some apples and almond butter.  

Here's a close up look at his homework.  They are working on division.  Word problems.  Yuck!

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