18 January 2017


You might have seen the post on FaceBook about our ride down the SkySlide.  It's a new glass slide 70 stories up that recently opened in downtown LA.

Quinn says that he is afraid of heights so I wasn't quite sure how this was going to go.  Look at that face!

They make it pretty easy to access.  Here's the top of the slide.

I went first.

Then Quinn.

There may have been a couple of terrified screams from him coming down the slide but he was happy he did it.

Then Don.

A look at the slide from another angle.

Some pics from the observation deck.

The ocean was a beautiful, shiny gold.

 The Hollywood sign in the distance.

Snow on the mountains.

After the slide we walked to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) about a mile away.  And then walked through Little Tokyo on the way back to the car.    We also had an uneasy walk through skidrow at sunset but we made it.

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