28 April 2017

Around Here

Quinn really wanted a new game system and asked for chores to do to earn some money.  We negotiated this chore at $11 to sort through all his books and organize them.  It took him most of the week to complete but he did it.

His class earned the recycling trophy.  I'm not sure exactly what they did to earn it but they were pretty happy!

Got Popcorn?

The school had breakfast this morning with donuts.  Quinn wished we had gotten a picture with our donuts in our hands but this will have to do.

Blue & Gold

Quinn's Cub Scout pack had their annual Blue & Gold dinner last night.   

Here are my boys in blue ready to go.  Quinn wanted Don to stay dressed up with his tie.

Our little color guard.  

And the boys just having fun.

26 April 2017


Quinn's first visit to the orthodontist.  He needs a couple of teeth pulled....as did both Don and I around this age.  Then it's a wait and see.  Although braces are in his future at some point.  

23 April 2017

Post March Swim

After a hot day marching for science we enjoyed a dip in our warm-ish pool.

Trying out his mad scientist goggles in the pool.

I loved the light.

In a dream-like state.

Always near by.

March for Science

On Saturday we participated in the March for Science in downtown LA.    The mission of March for Science is:

The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.

It was a diverse crowd with everyone having their own reason for participating.  

This kid was pretty excited to participate and wanted to wear a "mad scientist" outfit.  He also insisted on making his own sign.     The other side said Science not Silence.

When we participated in the Women's March we also started on this street.  However there were so many people at the Women's March that it was wall-to-wall people and you could barely move.

Quinn's favorite sign of the day.  All these Men of Science are from cartoons.

So many signs.  You can see that everyone has their own reason for being there.

Quinn held his sign up proudly and loudly repeated all the chants.  Lots of people were taking pictures of him but we haven't seen any pop up on any websites yet.

It was a hot day so we found a little bit of shade and watched the marchers go by.  Based on the start of the march we didn't think the march would be big, but the people just kept coming and coming.  I've read that it was 50,000+.  We were proud to be part of this cause.

The self-proclaimed nerds were out in full force.

20 April 2017

Our Family on Easter

Mr. Bed Head and his Easter Basket.  

This year the Easter Bunny left a scavenger hunt for Quinn.  

Quinn was beyond excited to find a mouse in the last egg.

An Apple Mouse that is.

The remnants of a good Easter Morning.

We went to a fancy steak house for dinner where Quinn had to be on his best gentleman-y behavior.  He was pleased to see a couple of other kids in the restaurant so he wouldn't be so "embarrassed" to be the only kid there.   And he thought dinner was pretty great, especially the dessert.   We all put in a good effort but weren't able to finish this giant piece of cake.  

Then home for a family swim in the 90 degree pool.  

19 April 2017

Week in Maryland

Quinn and I spent Spring Break in Maryland.  

On our way....

Sending a pic to dad.

We celebrated Alex's 27th (!!!!!) Birthday with Pam and family.

Playing basketball in Pam's court.

Ben has tremendous upper body strength and can shoot from great distances.  Impressive!

I met Stacey in Frederick for lunch one day (this is her picture).  

And then Danielle & family drove down to spend a couple of days with us.  We met at a nature center close to moms house.  The boys jumped right in!


The next day we went to another local park.  Lots to do and lotsa fun!

Danielle, Quinn, Kaiden, and I hiked up to this gorgeous waterfall.  Quinn & Kaiden hopped like Spiderman over all the rocks to get to the top.

Quinn and Kaiden playing a game they made up.

One last pic before they leave petting the neighbor's dog.  

And all the variations of Grams, Quinn, Pam, and Amy before we leave.